Corn Stalk Nitrate Test (CSNT)

MW_037820_450pxThe Corn Stalk Nitrate Test (CSNT) reflects nitrogen (N) availability during the growing season. The test is based on the fact that corn plants deficient in N will usually mobilize stored N from the lower portions of the stalk and leaves up to the developing grain. For N deficient plants, this can result in lower stalk N concentrations at the end of the season. Conversely, plants that take up excessive amounts of nitrogen (beyond that needed for maximum yields) will store N in the lower stalk resulting in higher stalk N concentrations at the end of the season.

CSNT results are most useful when evaluated over a period of several years on the same field. Crop history, manure applications, N fertilization, soil type and growing conditions all impact the N status of the plant. This test should not be used for first year corn following sod.

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