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The Dairy One Forage Lab
The Dairy One Forage Lab excels in providing you with high quality analyses and customer service. Every day, samples arrive at the lab from around the globe. Individual producers, agriservice personnel, consultants, veterinarians, universities and zoos are among the many types of people and organizations satisfying their analytical needs at Dairy One. As an international leader, our goal is to provide you with analytical services designed to meet the expanding demands of modern agriculture. New technology and traditional methods are combined to deliver fast, accurate results.

Analytical Services to Meet your Needs
Near Infrared Reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) is a sophisticated technique for rapidly analyzing common forages and grains. Multiple components are determined simultaneously making results available within 24 hours of receipt by the lab. NIR service packages are limited to certain feed types (see NIR Applicability page for more details). Dairy One offers the most comprehensive NIR analysis available making it our most popular service and the choice of feed industry professionals.

Traditional Chemistry
Traditional wet chemistry procedures can be applied to any sample type. Time proven methods are used to determine nutrient composition. Traditional wet chemistry methods must be used for samples where no NIR calibrations exist. Time can be a limiting factor as most analyses take 2 – 3 days to complete.

Supplemental Services
As an Add-on – In addition to our regular services, many supplemental services are available. These can be added to the regular packages for the price indicated.

As a primary service – If you are only interested in just receiving one or more of the supplemental services, these are treated as a Custom Package (see below).

Custom Packaging
Design your own service! Dairy One has assembled a good selection of service packages. However, we realize that everyone’s needs are different. Thus, if you cannot find a package that meets your needs, you have the option of designing your own. The price of your custom package begins with a $6.00 base fee. Then, simply add the costs of the individual services that you selected to determine your final package price. Contact our Customer Support Group at 607-375-9962 with any questions that you may have about Custom Packaging.

Quality Assurance
Quality analyses are insured by participation in internal and external quality assurance programs. Internally, daily check samples and standards are run through all analytical areas. Externally, we voluntarily participate in two sample check programs (NFTA, AAFCO). Through these programs, our results are compared to other labs across the country to ensure uniform, high quality results.

Prior to your analysis report being released, all samples pass through an “edit system”. Results that fall outside of the range typically expected for a given sample type are flagged for review. Upon review, the sample may be retested to verify the original results. A message will appear on the final report indicating any components that have been retested. Retests will add an additional 1 to 7 days to turn around time.

Quality Assurance and Control Program

Customer Support
Four full time customer support people are available to assist you with your analysis needs. Additionally, the lab manager and chemist are available to answer some of your more technical questions. Contact us at:

Dairy One Forage Lab
730 Warren Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850
Ph 607-375-9962 • Fax 607-257-1350