Dairy One exists to help farms succeed. We do this by measuring components on the farm, from cow and crop production, to feed, soil, and water analysis. Measuring the right things provides the critical information necessary to make informed decisions. We measure it, so you can manage it.

Dairy One offers a variety of tools and solutions to help farms of all types and sizes make more informed decisions. Dairy One Soil Laboratory provides soil analysis and pre-sidedress nitrate testing. The Dairy One Forage Laboratory offers feed, forage, manure, water, and plant tissue analysis. Information regarding DHIA testing, records, and milk analysis for dairy cows and goats can be found through DHIA Records & Milk Analysis. Cameras, network solutions, herd management software, animal identification, and activity monitoring systems are offered by our Integrated Farming Solutions team. Other Lab Services include pregnancy and disease testing offered by our Animal Health Diagnostic Lab, wet chemistry analysis of liquid dairy products through our Check Mark Lab, and bacteria and regulatory testing performed by our Producer Payment Lab.