Sally A. Flis, Ph.D. – Feed and Crop Support Specialist, Dairy One

Looking back 2015 was  a very busy year for the Dairy One Forage Lab and Agro-One Agronomy Lab. In the Forage Lab we introduced the analysis for uNDFom with extended fiber digestibility time points, the ability to determine the % grass in a fresh, dry hay, or fermented silage sample, and Corn Silage Processing Score (CSPS). These services all help consultants and producers better understand their feeds and feeding their animals.

In the Agro-One lab we added some measures for soil condition and health, Solvita® and SLAN. These tests help consultants and producers to examine how different management practices are effecting the life in their soils by measuring CO2 respiration (Solvita®) and the ability of the soil to provide nitrogen (SLAN).

The Forage lab collaborated with farms and other nutrition groups in 2015 to conduct research projects on feeding Shredlage® to lactating cows  and the effects of environment and management on fiber digestibility in corn silage (contact for reports).

We attended meetings and trade shows all over the country. World Dairy Expo and the American Society of Agronomy National meetings were excellent events and we look forward to attending again in 2016. Visit our Event Calendar to see where we are going to be in 2016. We will be trying some new things in our booths this year so be sure to stop in and say HI!

We continued participating in groups like the Soil Renaissance and the Certified Crop Adviser program with trips to planning meetings and participating in Congressional Visit Days in Washington D.C. I look forward to continuing to work with these groups in 2016 to be an active voice for our members and customers.

Stay tuned, in 2016 we plan to continue to explore corn silage processing and fiber digestibility. We will be trying out some new meetings and trade shows. On the list of new things from the labs in 2016 are carbon analysis, new sulfur and cation exchange capacity (CEC) analysis for soils, and continuing to expand soil health testing.

Thank you for your support in 2015 and we look forward to getting to know you in 2016!


2015 end of year sunset

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