4 Reasons Why Zoos & Aquariums Use Zooquarius 

As summer hits its full swing, many families venture out to visit a zoo or aquarium. There are many types of animals to see at these locations, and those creatures require around-the-clock monitoring and care. Dairy One’s subsidiary, Zooquarius, helps many zoos and aquariums across the U.S. provide excellent care for their animals, and in the following sections are a few reasons why this partnership works so great. 

Providing Feed Analysis for Zoos & Aquariums 

The Zooquarius Laboratory provides customers with high-quality analyses of plants, animals, and formulated feeds. These analyses provide a full picture of the nutrients an animal is eating every day. As is evident through  countless tv shows about zoos and aquariums, staff members are dedicated to giving animals the best care, and one of the key aspects is a proper food diet.  

As part of the sample submittal process, the customer selects the type of analysis tests they would like performed. Results show caretakers that the sample may be high in certain areas, but lacking in others, which will spur a plan for how to supplement missing nutritional factors. 

Assisting with Nutrient Plans for Animals 

Missing nutrients can cause many negative effects on an animal. For instance, bone health, poor eyesight, and issues with mobility are all results that might be traced back to dietary problems for animals. By knowing what’s in each part of the prescribed diet, caretakers can work with veterinarians and nutritionists to determine if feed supplements need to be added to an animal’s diet.  

Working with Vets & Nutritionists 

Speaking of outside consultants, the team at Zooquarius works with several nutritionists and veterinarians. In many cases, it is one of these individuals who have requested a feed or forage analysis test. Sometimes one sample submitted may need to be run for different tests than it was originally submitted for, and the team at Zooquarius works together to pull that sample and run it for the new request in a timely manner. As the Santa Barabara Zoo says, “Zooquarius is always fast and reliable, they communicate professionally, and are always on time with our results!” 

Receiving Top Service from the Team 

The Zooquarius laboratory team works hard to support customers. Whether it’s answering any of their questions via phone or email, or checking the analysis results of a sample, the team is often applauded by customers. “The customer support staff at Zooquarius are always willing to answer questions and get back to my emails very quickly. I have been very happy with their work and professionalism,” says the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. Across the board, it doesn’t matter if someone is running a sample in the lab or completing paperwork in an office, the Zooquarius team is dedicated to ensuring that customers receive the best service in order to provide excellent care for their animals. 

If you’re interested in sending a feed sample to Zooquarius, visit this how-to submit a feed sample page today!