4 Ways to Get Your Forage Samples to the Lab

The first step in getting timely sample results is a timely arrival of samples to the lab. Recent USPS delays have slowed the submission process of some samples. While this does not affect the time it takes to analyze samples once they arrive, it does delay the start of that process. Luckily, there a few different ways to get your sample to the lab.

1. Sample Drop Box

Sample drop boxes are available right outside our loading dock in the parking lot at our lab at 730 Warren Rd Ithaca, NY, and at our 720 Warren Rd Milk Lab. Simply gather your properly labeled samples with completed submission forms and place them in the sample drop-off area! This is contact-free and available for drops 24/7.

2. Sample Kits

If you are not local to the Ithaca area, consider ordering a sample kit from our online store. Kits can also be ordered through our supply department by calling 607-252-7540 or emailing [email protected].

When ordering your kit, specify how you would like to ship your samples to the lab. We offer single and multiple sample kits with USPS or UPS shipping. While kits are free to order, we do ask that include the associated shipping fee in your analysis payment.

3. UPS Labels

If you’d like to submit your samples using your own materials, you can still take advantage of our flat-rate UPS shipping. Labels can be ordered on our online store and shipped directly to you. Labels are free to order, but we do ask you include the appropriate shipping fee in your analysis payment. As with all UPS shipments, you can track your sample for updates and know when it arrives at the lab.

4. Transportation System

Lastly, our Transportation Dashboard is a great tool you can use for finding a sample drop-off location. Locate the truck stop nearest you by going to the “Stops” tab from the Dashboard. For forage customers, available stops are marked in green (Other) or blue (DHI Stops). For all locations, first contact the truck representative to confirm you will be leaving a sample. All phone numbers and contacts are listed for the specific stops. Be sure to label all items for pick up and indicate the sample needs to go to the Ithaca Forage Lab. Drop the samples off and then you are all set! If you have any questions, contact our team at [email protected].

Sample submission made easier

For our account holding customers, we offer a phone app for sample submission. Submit your samples even faster by entering your sample information on the app. Be sure to include your account number, name, email, sample information, and selected packages.

Before using the app, you will need to request barcode labels from Customer Support by calling 607-375-9962. These barcodes will allow us to sync your sample submission information to your sample when it arrives at the lab.

Results available in a timely manner

Our average turnaround time for results varies from 24 hours to 10 business days depending on the package requested. For NIR packages, you can expect your results typically within 24 hours of lab reception. However, for wet chemistry fiber digestibility, it will take a minimum of 10 days due to the 240-hour fermentation time.

We do our best to communicate known delays through email. You can sign up for our newsletter here to ensure you receive all updates and notifications.

It is our goal to get your results back to you as soon as possible. For that reason, all results are sent via email unless otherwise stated on the sample submission form.

If you have any questions on methods of transportation, forage lab packages, or other inquires please visit our Forage Laboratory webpage or contact us at 607-375-9962 and [email protected].