A Dashboard for Your Dairy

The dashboard on your VAS PULSE Platform is a visual snapshot of your herd’s data. All graphs are derived from DairyComp commands and formulas and some graphs will have the option to see more detailed data. Your dashboard shows a specific accumulation of key performance indicators, without having to type in commands and pull up graphs in DairyComp. The data is synced directly to DairyComp and up to date if you have an internet connection. There are many options to customize and optimize your dashboard to best fit the needs of your dairy’s team.



A widget is a visual representation of a DairyComp command. On the Dashboard Edit page, the widgets that are grayed out are already on your dashboard and the green ones are available for adding. VAS can also make custom widgets if there is something you would like that is not currently available. Email us at [email protected] and we can help submit those requests.

Multiple Dashboards

If you own multiple farms across several sites, you can split the dashboard up by farm to evaluate separately. You can also have a company dashboard that shows all of your sites together in one spot. To incorporate either into your dashboard, contact us and let us know how your farms are split up. For example, the pen numbers per farm location and how you would like the data displayed. If you have one dairy site, consider having separate dashboards for different aspects of your business. This can include dashboards for reproduction, calf and heifer management, employee efficiencies, etc. This can be a great way to evaluate different aspects of your dairy. The dashboards will appear like multiple tabs online and are easy to switch between.

Voluntary Waiting Period (VWP)

Your dashboard automatically sets the VWP to 50 days for lactating animals and 365 days for heifers. To customize this for your dairy, send [email protected] an email and we will pass it on to VAS. Currently, only VAS can change your VWP.

User Permissions

Everyone connected to your farm with dashboard view permissions will be able to see the same dashboard. As an owner or someone with dashboard management permission, you can move and change the widgets you see, as well as add new dashboards. To change or learn more about an individual’s permissions, look here.

Watch and listen to one of our team members walk you through getting to know and customizing your dashboard.

If you need additional assistance or are interested in having your farm set up on Platform, email [email protected] or call 607-375-9963. Support requests can also be submitted using our mobile support app.