About and Summary of Services

The Dairy One Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory is a division of Dairy One. Founded in March 2013 as the PregCheck Laboratory, the lab has evolved in its ability to test for a variety of diseases, and is now referred to as the Dairy One Animal Health Diagnostics Laboratory.

The lab is approved for the following analyses:

Milk Pregnancy Cattle and goats
Blood PregnancyCattle, goats and sheep
Johne’s Milk Cattle (bulk tank samples are sent to an outside lab.)
Johne’s BloodCattle

The laboratory staff analyze about 400 samples per day that arrive from farms throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Many milk pregnancy and Johne’s analyses are run on samples that are already tested in the milk lab for standard DHIA component analyses. Using the same sample allows for greater efficiency both on the farm and in the lab. With one sample per cow, sample data is easily tracked throughout the entire process.

For those farms that are not on test or who do not have dairy cows, Dairy One has a variety of ways to make it as easy as possible to get samples into the lab for processing. Please see more detailed information in the section for each type of analysis.