About Johne’s Testing

Dairy One offers Johne’s analysis for cows using either a milk or blood sample.

Using a milk sample for Johne’s testing allows you to receive more data from the samples you are already submitting for component testing. This test requires a special report from your DHIA Field Technician to be delivered with the sample. It must accompany the lab report and be included in the sample box.

How does it work?
Developed by IDEXX Laboratories, one of the world’s leading diagnostic testing manufacturers, the test works by detecting the presence of antibodies associated with the disease; it does not test directly for the disease itself. Antibodies are produced by the cow as an immune response to the presence of the disease.

What animals are eligible for Johne’s testing?
It is best to test for Johne’s when the cow is experiencing stress, usually associated with the pre-calving dry-off period.

While most of the Johne’s samples that the laboratory receives are sampled during regular component testing intervals, samples can be submitted at any time by ordering a Johne’s test kit from Dairy One’s supply department.

How do I start testing?
If your herd is already being tested with Dairy One, let your technician know that you would like to begin Johne’s testing.

If you do not currently test with Dairy One, please contact our Supply Department at 800-344-2697, ext. 7540, to set up an account and order supplies.

What are my testing options?

Test Day Samples
Individual DHIA samples can be taken on test day.

If your herd samples have already been collected and you then decide to test for Johne’s, please contact us as soon as possible at 800-344-2697, ext. 7407 to let us know you what samples you would like tested.

Between Test Days: Strip-Sample Testing or Blood Testing
Strip samples from individual cows can be submitted between test days and shipped to the lab.

Blood kits are available upon request from Dairy One’s Supply Department.

Samples do not need to be refrigerated when shipped, but please refrigerate them during the time between sample collection and shipping for best results.

How do I order Johne’s test kits?
Strip-sample test kits with 50 vials and paperwork can be ordered through the Supply Department via e-mail at supply@dairyone.com or via phone at 800-344-2697, ext. 7540. The cost of the kit is $10.00, which includes the cost of shipping the kit to you.

Sample Submission Form
Click here to download a PDF version of the Sample Submission Form.

How do I receive results?
All results are sent via USPS. We will send results via e-mail if an address is provided. Results are also automatically uploaded to Dairy Comp. We do not send results to veterinarians.

When can I expect to receive results?
The Animal Health Diagnostics lab usually tests Johne’s samples a minimum of twice per week. They may run tests more frequently depending on sample volume. Your results may be available 1-3 business days after arriving at the Animal Health Diagnostics lab. If you need your results sooner, please let us know, as we may be able to accommodate your request.

If you do not receive your results, please contact us via phone Monday through Friday, 8:00 am through 5:00 pm, at 800.344.2697, or via e-mail at ahd@dairyone.com. We may have an incorrect mailing address or e-mail address on file.

How do I interpret the results?
A “Positive” result indicates that the animal has produced antibodies associated with Johne’s disease. A “Negative” results indicates that the animal has not produced these antibodies. A “Suspect” result indicates that the animal may have the disease or may have been exposed to the disease but not contracted it. Due to the nature of the antibody test, it is recommended that an animal that has tested suspect be retested to ensure that the antibodies are present from the contraction of the disease, as opposed to exposure which did not result in contraction of the disease.

What is the cost per test?
The price of the test is $6.00 per sample for either milk or blood testing.

When will I be billed?
Billing for Johne’s tests is usually done once per week.