About Dairy One

Dairy One Cooperative, Inc. exists to help farms succeed. The organization is a not-for-profit cooperative with a core DHIA membership of approximately 2000 dairy farmer members throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Our primary business office and laboratory facilities are located in Ithaca, New York, about 2 miles from Cornell University. Dairy One employs approximately 250 people, about 80 of them based in Ithaca. We are governed by a 15-member board of directors; 14 dairy farmers and 1 agribusiness member.

The Dairy One Mission

The mission of Dairy One is to create and deliver data and information which will be used to make profit-enhancing decisions for members of the agricultural community.

The Dairy One Vision

The agricultural marketplace and dairy industry will continue to undergo significant changes. These changes are not threats, but opportunities. We will not shy away from change, or changing ourselves; rather we will embrace change, and often provoke it.

Dairy One will be the most valued source of information for the customers we serve. We will turn data into information with which our customers will make sound, profit enhancing, business decisions. We will constantly strive to provide leading edge decision making tools and information for the agricultural community. Dairy One will set the standard by which others in our industry are judged.

Whenever a customer has an interaction with Dairy One, regardless of the level of the organization, they will be met with respect, optimism and a can-do attitude from Dairy One employees. Most encounters with Dairy One employees will result in a laugh or smile. Dairy One employees will constantly seek out new ways of doing business and never be satisfied with the status quo. The work environment will promote creativity, innovation, and unity among staff members. Superior performance will be recognized and rewarded. Constant improvement will be a way of life