About Agricultural Management Resources

The Agricultural Management Resources (AMR) group, also known as the Farm IT group is responsible for sales and support of herd and crop management software, related technology products and network solutions. Herd management software products available through Dairy One’s AMR/Farm IT group include Dairy Comp 305, Scout, DCCON Analyzer, and PCDART. Other products include Parlor Watch, an in-line meter used to manage group milk production as well as parlor temperatures, Feed Watch, an advanced feeding system for ration design and accountability, and Tank Watch, a way for you to instantly know the results of your bulk tank sample via fax, email or cell phone.

AMR also functions as the main support arm for Dairy One’s farm service technicians who use the field version of Dairy Comp 305.

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E-mail your software questions and inquiries to support@dairyone.com or call 1.800.344.2697, ext. 1.