2012-10-15_13-42-51_15Crop Management Software

Fields and Crops Manager Software

This Internet-based software can help you organize all of your crop information in an easily accessible, centralized location. Internet or web-based means you can run the software from any location where there is a high-speed Internet connection, and it means you are always running the most current version.

Organize crop information

  • All crop records are in one place and easily accessible
  • Organized records for compliance reporting
  • Field and crop identification and histories
  • Improved crop and rotation planning
  • Fertility recommendations, updated electronically

Optimize yields by having the right lists and information

  • Subfield management information
  • Work lists to identify fields to sample
  • Fertility management and recommendations
  • Accurate spray and treatment lists
  • Manure spreading work order list

Analysis capability to make better decisions and maintain compliance  

  • Field compliance report lists fields at greatest risk of falling out of compliance with your CNMP
  • Projected net fertility change for each field based on planned vs. actual actions for the current growing year

Manure Application Recording

  • Trimble and John Deere
    Easily and accurately keep track of nutrient applications in Fields and crops by automatically importing manure applications by Fields and Crops directly from your Connected Farm or My John Deere account.
  • Other Screens
    Fields and Crops will take data from your Manure application screen through a simple file transfer method.

Manure application mapping

Maps of location and volume of application are available in Fields and Crops.  Click here to request more information about manure application mapping.

Click here to download the Manure Application Interface form




Planting and Harvesting Interface


  1. 20/20 Precision Planter
    Import planting date, variety, and average seeding rate back into Fields and Crops from your 20/20 screen.
  2. Seed Star
    Allows for moving the planting date, variety and average population from Seed Star into Fields and Crops Manager


  1. Apex
    Transfers total yield for each field into Fields and Crops Manager. If dry matter or moisture values are available, this information will also get transferred
  2. Ag Leader
    Transfers total yield for each field into Fields and Crops Manager. If dry matter or moisture is available, this information will also get transferred


Weather Station Interface

The Vantage Pro Weather Station interface will help you manage all of your weather data. In addition to measured weather data specific to your area, it will automatically log the forecast each day, including rainfall, wind speed and wind direction