Summary of Services: Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory

Milk Pregnancy

Blood Pregnancy Johne’s



Milk Blood Milk Blood  Blood  Ear Notch

Bulk Tank Sample

 DHIA Milk Sample


Cows, Goats Cows, Goats, Sheep Cows Pre-colostral calves; 3+ month calves Cows Cows (composite sample of no more than 400 cows)


Min. DPB

28 29 n/a

Min. DIM




$4.50/sample $2.50-$4.17 $6.00/sample $5.50/sample $60.00 through Cornell; $45.00 through Antel Bio $6.00 through Antel Bio


Free shipping: 10+ samples; $10.00 for 50-vial kit*; $5.00 for 10-vial kit Multiple options; see details under Blood Pregnancy section $5.00 for 10-vial kit Kits available by request Kits available by request $10.00 for 50-vial kit n/a

Results Interpretation

Pregnant; Open; Recheck.
No charge for tests with “Recheck” results. Retest animals with “Recheck” results after 2 weeks.
Positive; Negative; Call Us (Indicates that requirements were not met).
Read comments for further instructions.
Positive; Negative; Suspect. Retest animals with “Suspect” results after 2 weeks. Positive; Negative. Retest all positive animals after 3 weeks.

*Milk Pg Kits: 50 vial kit, preservative tablets, submission forms, 5 shipping envelopes and 5 shipping labels.