AMR: Innovation and Integrity

Appropriately named, our Agricultural Management Resources (AMR) group works to provide farms with a variety of technological resources to help manage and increase the overall efficiency of data use on your farm. The AMR group offers everything from identification tags to herd management software to on-farm camera installations. This dynamic team is constantly working to bring you solutions through improved technology.

Identification Tags
One of the most important aspects of managing data is being able to properly identify the source of the data. Having identification tags that are easy to read, and in some cases easy to scan with an RFID scanner (more on that in a moment), is a key player in herd management. Proper identification can prevent missed heats, incorrect dry off dates, and culling mix-ups. Most farms choose to give cows an ID tag with a number that associates with the last 3 or 4 digits of her USDA tag. For example, a heifer is born and given a USDA tag number of 21WXY0500. She is tagged #500 with an ID tag and that numbers stays with her for life. At Dairy One, we offer different tag options depending on the needs and goals of the farm.

Dairy One offers several software products that can assist in herd, crop, and feed management. Herd management software can assist in the creation of to-do lists, task management, DHI record management, and herd health management.

Herd management options include Dairy Comp, Scout, and PCDart. Most of these software options have an option for your mobile device as well, which is RFID capable. If you chose to use RFID tags, an RFID scanner can be used to quickly and easily sort cows and complete tasks. Simply scan the tag and your handheld software will pull up the cow’s information, including any tasks that need to be completed, such as breeding or vaccinations. This is personally one of my favorite pieces of technology we work with. Each of these software products vary in price and capability. To find the best fit for your farm, talk to your Farm Service Technician or contact the AMR team directly ([email protected]).

Fields and Crops Manager is a software offering a way to store and organize crop records and improve crop rotation and planning. Fields and Crop Manager can create lists that pertain to manure spreading, fertility management, treatment, and sampling. When it comes to compliance and CAFO reporting, Fields and Crops Manager can keep track of crucial records such as manure applications, storage inspections, and weather logs.

FeedWatch is a feed management software designed to help you accurately and easily manage your feeding systems. FeedWatch monitors feed usage, sales, purchasing, intake, and costs, and can even interface with Dairy Comp herd management software for detailed information on pens and individual animals. One of the highest costs on a farm is feed. Using FeedWatch allows for the tracking of ingredients and management of inventories, allowing for better management of ingredient deliveries.

Software is a great way to enhance the performance of your farm, but using a network to run your software is even better. A network allows for information from one computer to be transmitted to multiple computers throughout the farm. The information you entered in the office computer can now be accessed on the herdsman’s computer in the calf barn and also on your handheld devices with software. This allows for easy access to information for those on the farm who need it.

Backup Solutions
While using a computer to store records is a highly effective tool, there is still fear surrounding the potential of a computer crash. Dairy One removes the daunting fear of losing your records with Dairy One Backup Solutions. Dairy One Backup Solutions provide fast local backup and data recovery, along with the option for cloud storage and file sharing. You can easily manage permissions to share your data to your personal computer at home or to farm advisors. This is a safe and secure way to ensure that your records are never lost.

Not only can your network connect different computers and devices on farm, but it can also connect camera systems. Farms choose to install camera systems for many different reasons, including monitoring of animals and employees, and safety. Cameras can reduce the time spent walking to different barns, increase response time to any issues that arise on farm, and better manage safety and productivity when it comes to employees. Additionally, cameras allow for monitoring of high risk security areas on the farm such as fuel pumps, milk houses, and feed bunks.

While Dairy One’s AMR group offers a variety of products and services that bring value to the farm, their support is what creates the greatest value for our customers. Each member of the AMR group is highly skilled in their area of expertise. Your relationship with this team will continue long after installation day, as they are here to support you and their products.

Additionally, the AMR group is available for farm consultations. I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Chris Dutton, a member of our AMR Support team, on a few farm consultations. Dr. Dutton meets with farm owners and employees to determine where there are areas on the farm for management improvement or growth, and how the products and services offered through AMR can improve and support that growth and management. In his follow up suggestions to farms, Dr. Dutton suggested not the solutions that would generate the most revenue for Dairy One, but the solutions that made the most sense for the farm. For example, one farm was very efficient in sorting cows, administering vaccinations, etc. They would not have seen a drastic increase in efficiency through the purchase of an RFID scanner, so that was not a recommendation Dr. Dutton made. He instead recommended setting up a network which would allow for data entry on multiple computers throughout the farm, a change that would drastically increase the farm’s efficiency. Dr. Dutton and the entire AMR group exemplify Dairy One’s value of integrity each and every day. Their goal is not to sell, it is to help.

For more information on any of these products and services, please contact the AMR group at [email protected] or 1.800.344.2697, ext.1.