About Agro-One

IMG_4810_450Agro-One is the branch of Dairy One specializing in agronomic laboratory services.  As an information technology organization, our goal is to bring data and information back to the farm for profit making decisions.  Soil, manure and plant tissue analyses are available to assist producers and their advisors to make sound economic and environmental decisions.  Increasing governmental regulations have made it imperative that producers make informed decisions regarding their growing and fertilization practices.  It all begins with soils analysis.  Determining the nutrient content of your soil will provide you with the background information necessary to determine what crops will thrive best and the amendments needed to optimize growth.   Follow this with a manure analysis to determine the nutrients that you can readily supply from the farm and minimize your purchased fertilizer costs.  As a final test, plant tissue analyses can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify nutrient excesses or deficiencies.

Agro-One offers a variety of soil extraction methods to meet the demands of local land grant universities including Mehlich 3, Morgan and Modified Morgan procedures.  Additionally, through an arrangement with Cornell University, New York customers can receive Cornell generated recommendations.  Decades of research has gone into developing these state specific recommendations and we are proud to partner with Cornell to make them available to New York producers.