At Dairy One, we’re always trying to find new ways to make it easier for the agricultural community to get assistance with their herd management software or computer networks.  So we’ve developed a smart phone application that can help.

The Dairy One AMR Support app is compatible with all Android and Apple products.  When you set it up, you’ll be asked to complete a one-time form that is used for a speedy support request.  This information will provide the support group with your name, farm name, account number, contact number, and email address.  If you’re not sure what your account number is, call the office at 800-344-2697.

There are two ways you can get in touch with us: The first option is ‘Call Us’.  This bypasses all the other departments at Dairy One and provides direct access to the AMR support team.  From here you can either talk directly to a support member or leave a voice message.

The second menu option, ‘Get Help’ will allow you to quickly text your support question to Dairy One.  This message arrives in an email that will be viewed by all the members of the support team.

The ‘Calendar’ option allows users to view current events that Dairy One is a part of as well as the Holiday Schedule, office hours, etc.

The last menu option is still in development.  We are preparing to commit to after hours support and have many of the pieces in place already.  Currently, this option is not available.