By: Sally A. Flis, Ph.D.- Feed and Crop Support Specialist- Dairy-One

This year, the Forage Lab participated in the Canadian Dairy Expo for the first time. We attended the show with one of our affiliate labs, Activation Laboratories, located in Ancaster, ON Canada. The Expo runs for two days in Stratford, ON, with 13,900 visitors attending over the 2-day period.

With that many people there, who did we see?

Two Dairy One Employees made the trip this year. We saw current customers that do business with us in Ithaca and with Activation Labs in ON. It was nice to hear that a few people sought us out from our e-mail announcement.

What did we see?

There were cows, heifers, and calves from the genetic companies.

pic 1 edit

This was a colorful group and I liked this feeding set up they had.

pic 2 edit

We saw lots of equipment. We were between the Hay & Forage Hall and the TMR & Forage Superstore, so we saw lots of mixers, rakes, bunk facers, mowers, and quite a few options for facer/mixer combination units.

pic 3 edit pic 4 edit pic 5 edit

And over in the Dairy Products and Services Hall, we found some Dairy One Fermentation Analysis.

pic 6 edit pic 7 edit

This was a fun show and we got to meet lots of people. We are already signed up for next year, so keep an eye out for announcements about the 2016 show!




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