Welcome to the Dairy One Blog!

Well, we discussed if we should have a blog for a while and here we go!

Dairy One is a very diverse company. We are known mostly for our Dairy Herd Improvement (DHIA) testing service, milk testing and record keeping. Dairy One also has a Forage Testing Lab, the Agro-One Soil and Agronomy Lab, Equi-Analytical, and the Finger Lakes Wine Lab. In addition to all of that, there is the Agricultural Management Resource group that handles herd management software, camera systems, on-farm wireless systems, and crop management software. Finally, we have Agricultural Consulting Services (ACS), which provides crop consulting, environmental planning, soil sampling and mapping, crop record keeping, and precision agriculture services from independent consultants.

I am Dr. Sally Flis, Feed and Crop Support Specialist for Dairy One, and I will be writing most of the blog posts. I have been working for Dairy One since June of 2014. I grew up in VT working on dairy farms and showing dairy cows. I went to UW Madison for my undergraduate and Master’s work and the University of Vermont for the Ph.D. work. For the first 6 years after I graduated I worked in VT and NY writing nutrient management plans for dairy, beef, and horse farms of all sizes.

Sally Flis judges hay at the 2014 New York State Fair

Sally Flis judges hay at the 2014 New York State Fair

Dairy One is starting the blog as a place to engage with the agricultural industry about management practices for dairy, feeding and feed management, crops, and new products or practices that we are hearing about. This will be a place to address questions we are hearing out in the field and questions that we are getting at the home office in Ithaca. We will also be sharing information about events, changes in the lab, and changes in the business.

I welcome your input, feedback, and topics or questions you would like to see addressed. While we work on getting the blog up and running, please contact me with your suggestions and questions via e-mail at sally.flis@dairyone.com, or you can post to the Dairy One Facebook Page.

I look forward to interacting with all of you and building a library of information for anyone with interest in agriculture.