Catching the Non-Treatable Mastitis: Mycoplasma bovis 

Mastitis is an ongoing issue on many dairies. It’s a problem that hinders milk production while also impacting cow health. One of the most serious types of mastitis, Mycoplasma bovis, is contagious and non-treatable, a recipe for disaster in large milking herds. Since multiple cows use milking units in the parlor, Mycoplasma bovis can easily be spread from cow to cow during milking. That means what can start as a small problem can turn into a wildfire very quickly. 

Once a milk sample is submitted for Mycoplasma bovis DNA testing, the team at Dairy One can return results to a customer 1-2 days after the sample arrives at the lab.

However, a solution is now available that allows farms to fight back against this disease. A new analysis is available that can identify cows that are shedding the DNA associated with Mycoplasma bovis. Through a submitted milk sample, laboratories can perform analysis testing that uses PCR technology to identify the specific DNA signature of this organism and can provide new information about the potential reason if she has an elevated SCC. In a recent peer-reviewed study, this test was shown to be 98% sensitive and 100% specific to Mycoplasma bovis, while culture was only 52% sensitive on the same samples.

At Dairy One, the Animal Health Diagnostic Lab has partnered with Acumen Detection to provide customers with this testing service. With a prompt and convenient way to test for it, many farms in the Northeast will be able to catch Mycoplasma bovis before it becomes a larger problem in their herd.  

Farms that currently test with Dairy One only need to indicate that they would like the M. bovis test on cows that have chronic infections or a high somatic cell count, and the Technician will mark it when they submit milk samples. Those that do not currently test their milk with Dairy One can call 607.252.7575 for how to submit a milk sample for testing. 

For more information contact Dairy One at 607.252.7575 or email [email protected]