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The VAS Platform App is a great tool to use while in the barn for quick cow side decisions. Depending on the access granted, individuals can look up animals, complete worklists, record pen changes, breedings, and more. When you look up an animal you will see PEN, LACT, RPRO, AGEDY, DSLH, DCC, DUE, Milk and…(Read More)

The VAS Platform mobile app allows you to enter events while out in the barn that will sync back to DairyComp. This is particularly useful for entering breedings, fresh events, moves, open and preg checks, and more. Here are a couple tips to ensure your information will be sent back to DairyComp. To enter an…(Read More)

Many management decisions on dairy farms are made standing out in the barn with the animals. Having complete information cowside can help you make more informed and timely decisions that can increase the profitability of your farm. Pocket Cow Card (PCC) and VAS PULSE Platform are two commonly used tools on dairies that manage their…(Read More)

The dashboard on your VAS PULSE Platform is a visual snapshot of your herd’s data. All graphs are derived from DairyComp commands and formulas and some graphs will have the option to see more detailed data. Your dashboard shows a specific accumulation of key performance indicators, without having to type in commands and pull…(Read More)

VAS PULSE Platform brings data from all facets of your business to one central platform, making it a valuable tool for any dairy. However, where there is technology, there is the possibility things can and will go wrong. Luckily, there are easy fixes for some of the more common issues you may come across. One…(Read More)

There are many moving parts when it comes to operating a successful dairy farm. Your team members, consultants, and other service providers all play important, yet different roles. As some may say, it takes a village. Platform has many uses and different features to take advantage of on your farm. In order to do so…(Read More)

The data available on a dairy farm is limitless, as cows are constantly giving us new information to measure. To better use this data for daily management decisions, you need a tool to consolidate and evaluate your records. You may already be using herd management software, feed management software, or another type of tracking system…(Read More)