Celebrating Dairy Product Analysis in December

The holidays are a time for gathering with friends and family and consuming lots of good food. Dairy One helps with making it possible for many dairy products to make it to consumers’ tables. We offer numerous analytical services that dairy farmers and milk production facilities use to check their products. In the following sections, we’ll highlight some of these services and their benefits.

Dairy farmers want to know about the components within their milk. Levels of fat, protein, butterfat, lactose, casein, and fatty acids are indicators of many different things. For instance, the percentage of fat in milk will help in determining rumen health and function. The level of protein improves milk’s nutritional content, and for farms that send their milk to be made into cheese and yogurt, this nutrient level is key for that. These are just a few examples of where farmers will test milk to see the results of programs, they enact somewhere else on the dairy.

Additionally, a milk sample can be used to screen for various health problems in cows. The Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory can test a sample for the DNA presence of Mycoplasma bovis, a type of mastitis that is not curable and can spread easily through herds. Milk can also be screened to see if a cow is pregnant. Other health checks done through a milk sample are checking for Johne’s Disease and Bovine Viral Diarrhea. All these tests are a huge help to dairy farmers to make sure their cows stay healthy.

Foods like cheese, ice cream, whipped cream, and many other dairy products require analysis and testing before being sold to consumers. Production facilities that run for a certain amount of time do have to take periodic samples for testing during extended runs. These samples are tested by Dairy One to see if there are bacteria levels that are too high. Running this analysis check ensures that products aren’t sold to consumers that may make them sick. Finished product testing is widely used in many dairy processing centers that rely on Dairy One’s laboratories.

As people toast the New Year with a glass of milk, behind the scenes many people make that possible. At Dairy One, we work to provide analysis and reports to dairy farmers and milk production facilities to ensure that consumers receive the best product. In addition, we give dairy farmers information that improves their herd’s health. For more information about any of these services, contact our team at [email protected].