Dairy One Attending World Dairy Expo 2023

World Dairy Expo held each fall in Madison, Wisconsin is an exciting event. Dairy One will be in attendance at the show which runs from Tuesday, October 3rd to Friday the 6th. Come say hello to us at table 506 in the Trade Center. Below are a few products and services we will be highlighting during the show. 


The newest technology tool from Dairy One’s Integrated Farming Solutions team is CattleEye. It is an artificial intelligence tool that automates locomotion scoring for cows. Using a camera mounted on the exit lanes of a milking parlor, it can scan cows and score their gaits to help identify issues. This information is uploaded to a mobile app or integrated into the farm’s herd management software for use in hoof trimming programs. 

Forage Laboratory 

Dairy One’s Forage Laboratory provides feed and forage analysis for customers located across the United States and even the world. Through Near Infrared Reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) and wet chemistry testing, the Forage Lab provides nutritionists and farmers with a look at what exactly is in their cow’s feed. A variety of analysis packages are available, including fermentation profiling for silage, corn stalk nitrate testing, and special requests.  

Mycoplasma bovis Testing 

In partnership with Acumen Detection, Dairy One can test milk samples for the DNA associated with Mycoplasma bovis. This type of mastitis is contagious and non-treatable, which is bad news for any dairy farmer. Using a milk sample, Dairy One’s Animal Health Diagnostic Lab can identify cows with Mycoplasma bovis to help farmers with controlling the spread of the disease and why a cow may have an elevated somatic cell count. 


What’s next in herd management software? The answer is BoviSync! Since last fall, Dairy One has been working with BoviSync to introduce this herd management software to the Northeast. There are many benefits that this technology brings to dairy farms including: 

  • Optimization of chore lists 
  • Access anywhere thanks to being cloud-based 
  • Comparison of multiple dairy locations 
  • Ownership of farm data 
  • Share accessibility of herd information with consultants, veterinarians, nutritionists 


For farms looking to get their feed bills back under control, Feedlync is a great solution. Its easy and clear reporting features can help flag where problems are popping up when it comes to creating the right ration. Ration adjustments can be made in real-time to change what ingredients are fed to cows. Feedlync’s components Silolync and Scalelync also help streamline feeding time. Silolync automates the control of augers and pumps meaning employees add the correct amount of product from bins. Scalelync aids with tracking feed inventory through tracking information uploaded from the farm’s truck scales. All three of these tools are meant to help a farm’s feeding program. 

We hope to see you in Madison, Wisconsin to learn more! If not, you are welcome to contact us anytime by emailing Dairy One at [email protected] or texting 607.257.1272.