Dairy One Celebrates 75 Years of Business

This year marks 75 years of business for Dairy One Cooperative, Inc. The big anniversary is worth mentioning for many different reasons. But a common theme throughout these years has been the dedication to serving our customers. They are the foundation of the cooperative and have the biggest impact on our continued success.

In this blog post, we’ll reflect on a bit of the history of Dairy One and what’s in store for this year. It’s been quite a journey for many years, and it’s fun to reflect on these moments.

Dairy One’s History

In the late 1940s, a group of farmers gathered to provide dairy herd improvement services to farms in New York State and formed the Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) Cooperative. As more counties joined this group, New York DHIC expanded its offerings and coverage area. During the 1970s, the forage laboratory was opened at the cooperative to help analyze feeds and forages being fed to cows.

Eventually, during the 1980s, the group’s name was changed to Northeast DHIA. This change also affected what the cooperative did in terms of milk analysis. Instead of farms having analysis done right on their farms, this process was now done in a certified laboratory. Tests on somatic cell count and milk urea nitrogen were added to milk analysis offerings.

Finally, in 1997, Northeast DHIA merged with Dairylea Cooperative to create Dairy One. Before this merger, Dairylea had been developing a variety of farm management services and farm product information. These projects would turn into the Integrated Farming Solutions group. Additionally, in 2008, Dairy One partnered with Agricultural Consulting Services, which offers crop consulting services to farms in New York and Vermont. The Forage Laboratory also expanded its offering to specific markets thus creating Equi-Analytical in 2004 and Zooquarius in 2018.

Tests for milk analysis have expanded further in recent years too. The Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory performs various tests to check for pregnancy and diseases. For milk production plants, finished product testing is available through CheckMark and Regulatory Laboratories to ensure quality products. In late 2023, Dairy One acquired Acumen, which will allow the cooperative to make PCR reagents used in many different industries.

What’s Happening in 2024

Throughout the year, Dairy One will be celebrating this huge milestone. Each quarter of the year will spotlight different groups within the cooperative. For January through March, we’ll be highlighting DHI Services and how they collect milk samples and provide many other services to farms. From April through June, the Integrated Farming Solutions team will talk about numerous products including BoviSync, Feedlync, CattleEye, and other software support on farms. July through September will cover all Analytical Services, which comprise the Forage, Soil, Milk, and Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratories. Finally, from October through December, it will be time to discuss Agricultural Consulting Services, which provides farms with many field and crop services.

Following the numerous social media channels run by Dairy One is one way to be alerted to different activities and events for each part of the cooperative. Take a moment today to start following these accounts:

Between trade shows and sponsorships, the cooperative will also be recognizing its amazing team. Through the Employee Engagement Team, team members will have the opportunity to participate in events and gatherings.

It promises to be a busy, yet fun year here at Dairy One!