Dairy One to support Allflex Livestock Intelligence

Dairy One is excited to add Allflex Livestock Intelligence (ALI) cow monitoring systems, formerly known as SCR, to its fleet of services. Farms that are currently using ALI technology on their operations can now receive support for their equipment from the Dairy One’s Integrated Farming Solutiongs (IFS) team. Additionally, customers interested in introducing ALI systems to their farm can make a purchase through Dairy One.

Dairy One’s IFS team has become a reliable and trusted resource for dairy farms in the Northeast and across the country when it comes to farm technology. In addition to supporting herd management software, this team has also become a leader in on-farm network and camera installations.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence is at the forefront of animal monitoring technology. The ALI cow monitoring systems provide a variety of options that allow farms to more efficiently manage reproduction, health, nutrition, cow comfort, and labor. Dairy One is excited to support this innovative technology.

For more information on ALI cow monitoring systems and support, contact Dairy One’s Integrated Farming Solutions team at [email protected] or 1.800.344.2697, ext. 1. For more reading on ALI cow monitoring and using the information it provides, visit www.profitablemilk.com.