Dairy One’s latest technology offering: CattleEye!

The Integrated Farming Solutions team has a new product available to Dairy One customers. It’s a technology called CattleEye, and it helps with automating locomotion scoring for dairy cows. Catching lameness on a dairy farm is difficult for a variety of reasons, however, CattleEye is set to change that thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of a camera. 

Mounted above an entrance or exit lane of a milking parlor, CattleEye’s AI scans cows as they pass under the camera. Based on the cow’s gait, the system will provide a locomotion score of 1 to 100. Anything above a score of 60 indicates a lameness problem that needs to be addressed with the farm’s hoof-trimming program. The recording of the cow walking under the camera is stored on CattleEye’s database for five days and then replaced by newer recordings. 

All data from CattleEye can be added to a farm’s current herd management software, such as BoviSync or DART. That way farmers can pull up all the relevant data about one cow from her most recent vet check to her current locomotion scoring.  

CattleEye is meant to augment a farm’s current hoof-trimming program. It’s a way to systematically pull cows for the next hoof trim visit that need to be seen by the trimmer. In addition, farmers can cut down the number of cows being seen by the trimmer to just the essential cows which saves time and money. 

Being able to review a cow’s lameness history helps with herd management decisions. Lameness problems can have an impact on breeding programs or animal health programs. Now with CattleEye, farmers have more information available to them to make better management changes or improvements when it comes to lameness and locomotion. 

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