Dairy One’s New Partnerships with BoviSync and Feedlync 

Modern management tools for today’s dairy operation  

Dairy One is excited to announce a new partnership with two software systems – BoviSync and Feedlync! These technology tools, supported by the outstanding Dairy One Integrated Farming Solutions team will help bring farms to the next level of herd and feed management on their farms.  

A software system that simplifies herd work 

BoviSync is a herd management software system that is intuitively designed and built to adapt to the needs of a modern dairy. Using the BoviSync app, users can run herd checks in the barn, and capture information about individual cows. That collected information can help herd managers or consultants with timely management decisions, easy reporting, and advanced analytical processes. Sharing information in real-time, consolidating herd data, and comparing multiple dairy barns are some of the other benefits of this software.  

“Several issues we’ve been working on over the years with herd management software have been resolved with BoviSync,” says Matt Newman, Director of Integrated Farming Solutions.  

This technology has been in use since 2014 and began in Wisconsin. Many farms began using BoviSync because it was an easy system to implement for employee use and it resolved specific farm management challenges. BoviSync is in use and gaining popularity in dairies across the United States. The Dairy One team is excited to help farms in the Northeast who are looking for a modern, intuitive herd management software solution.  

A feed management tool that updates in real-time 

Meanwhile, Feedlync is a feeding management system that has finally achieved what farms have been asking for in their feeding software. It is robust in performance, yet easy to set up and use on farms. This cloud-based piece of technology helps farmers receive live reports on mix precision and feed intake. It integrates into other external technology systems in use on the farm. Feedlync also offers drive-over scale integration and automated controls for augers and pups.  

“For farmers struggling with moving between mixers, managing mixers at multiple farms, getting updated rations into the system, or just want to improve control over the feeding enterprise Feedlync has value for your farm,” says Amanda Mitcheltree, Dairy Management Support Specialist.  

Launched in 2017, Feedlync traces its roots back to European dairy farms but has since expanded globally. Users enjoy its quick installation and cloud-based access point. Dairy One’s Integrated Farming Solutions team has a few Feedlync installations in place, and farmers are already pleased about its capabilities for feed management. 

Dairy One is excited about these new solution options for farms and looks forward to meeting with customers about them. For more information about BoviSync or to schedule a demonstration, call or text 607-257-1272, or email [email protected]. To talk about Feedlync or schedule a presentation, call or text 607-257-1272, or email [email protected]