Data Driven Decisions

In these challenging times, many farms are being asked to reduce their production. A complete picture of production helps you make informed decisions about feeding, breeding, early dry off, and culling.

When adjusting to meet new market conditions, consider the following goals:
• Maximize components while lowering milk volume
• Improve milk quality by monitoring individual cow SCC
• Identify the chronically infected cows that put the herd at risk
• Evaluate immediate and future impacts of earlier dry periods
• Ensure the health of cows while protecting future production potential

To reach these goals, you may need to adjust the way you’ve looked at your records in the past. Ask yourself the following questions when making a decision about a cow based on her data:
What is her potential to raise the component value of your milk?
What percentage of butterfat and protein is she responsible for?
What is the likelihood she will decrease your milk premium?
Is she a chronic high SCC contributor? or just a single high SCC?
What is the likelihood she will breed back quickly?
How many times was she bred before her last confirmed pregnancy?
Has she struggled with fresh cow disease?
What is the likelihood she will be sick and incur a cost?
Does she have a history of disease?
What is her body condition?

Dairy One provides the data you need to make sound decisions during good times and challenging times. For assistance using DHI records to make data driven management decisions, email or call 800-344-2697. In this time of uncertainty and change, we remain fully operational and committed to providing you with all of the products and services you need.

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