Entering Events – Platform Mobile App

The VAS Platform mobile app allows you to enter events while out in the barn that will sync back to DairyComp. This is particularly useful for entering breedings, fresh events, moves, open and preg checks, and more. Here are a couple tips to ensure your information will be sent back to DairyComp.

To enter an event on your phone, go to the events tab on the bottom. Find the event you are trying to input and click on it. Then add the animals you would like to enter events for, fill in all fields with asterisks, and when done select the “Process my changes” bar at the top. This will send the information to DairyComp.      

When entering an event, you will see a variety of asterisks for fields that must be filled out. For example, when you enter a breeding you must fill out the event date, LSIR, and Breeding code. You also have the option to enter the technician. If you do not fill out every field marked with an asterisk, the box at the top saying “Process my changes” will remain gray. When you enter the data correctly, this box will change to green and allow you to process the information. If not fill out correctly, the data will remain up on your phone until you either swipe left to remove, or update and upload.

To make sure the information was successfully updated in DairyComp you can look in one of two ways. First you can check the activity log in DairyComp which will show all updates. On the web version of Platform, go to Dairy and Change Log. This will show you all updates including day, time, who entered data, what they entered, and if it was processed. This is an easy check to make sure your DairyComp is up to date and accurate.

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