FeedWatch System

What is FeedWatch?
FeedWatch is a feed management software designed to help you accurately and easily manage your feeding systems. FeedWatch monitors feed usage, sales, purchasing, intake, and costs, and can even interface with DC305 herd management software for detailed information on pens and individual animals.

FeedWatch can be used with mixer trucks and wagons, or with stationary mixers and delivery trucks. It also uses wireless communication between the trucks, tractors, and the office.

Increase Profitability
Prices of feed ingredients are continually increasing. With the cost of feed being near double what it was just a decade ago, capturing the feed value of every pound of dry matter purchased is an essential part of dairy profitability. FeedWatch allows you to track ingredients and manage inventories. Inventory projections can then be used to manage ingredient deliveries, saving time and money.

A unique feature of the FeedWatch system is that cleanout/refusal amounts can be automatically deducted from a pen’s previous day dry matter total. This feed is then utilized as an ingredient or as the flexible filler amount in a load. Tracking feed refusal/weighback and using it to create a ration helps to better utilize inputs and maximize feed usage.


FeedWatch LED Exterior Display

FeedWatch Features

Advanced Technology

  • LAN Wireless data transfer
  • Military-grade, wireless radio communication
  • Digi-Star wireless remote display integration
  • Super-bright LED exterior display
  • Simple-to-use, one-button scale indicator allows you to make all feed adjustments at the scale
  • Automatic emailing of reports and notifications.

Software for Optimum Feeding Information

  • Develop and monitor multiple rations
  • Forecast and track inventories
  • English/Spanish language capability
  • Customized reports

Developed and Supported by Industry Leaders

  • Valley Ag. Software (VAS): developers of Dairy Comp 305
  • Dairy One: superior customer service and support

There are many reports to choose from. They can be filtered or altered to meet your specific needs. Customized reports can also be created to meet the management style of your operation and to help you fine-tune your feed management system. Reports and graphs can be printed or e-mailed automatically on any schedule you wish (hours, days, weeks, months).

Popular Reports Include:

  • Projected usage report: project future needs and cost
  • Mix error report: customized error tracking
  • Mix or load reports
  • Employee incentive reports
  • Dry matter intake report: adjusted for pen counts, feed dropped, and weigh-backs
  • Feed efficiency
  • IOFC (Income Over Feed Costs)

FeedWatch Computer Interface

FeedWatch Hardware
FeedWatch utilizes a rugged Windows 7 touchscreen computer connected to your farm’s Digi-Star scale indicator.

Digi-Star wireless remote displays, such as the Cab Control  Remote Display 400, can be utilized as a dependable, visual and auditory display indicator or the 12 character 3 foot FeedWatch LED display can be connected. The “high bright”, 12-character LED FeedWatch display is unique within the industry. The size and brightness make ingredients easy to see from great distances, even in direct sunlight. This allows FeedWatch to give English or Spanish instructions to the feeder using names of ingredients, and even the location.

Data can be transmitted from the mixer to the office using the farm’s LAN network. Transmission rates are 10x faster than other feed system data transmission methods.

Data transmission can also be accomplished utilizing radio frequency (RF) modems. These modems provide a reliable wireless connection between the mixer(s) and the office computer.

Setting Up FeedWatch on Your Farm
For more information on how FeedWatch can become an important part of your feed management program, please contact our Agricultural Management Resources team by phone at 800.344.2697, ext 1 or by e-mail at support@dairyone.com .