Get your forage and soil results faster

A key factor in getting fast and accurate results is proper sample submission. Samples that are collected properly, labeled clearly, and submitted with all of the needed information can be processed most efficiently.

Missing information is one of the key reasons sample results get delayed. Samples that are submitted without paperwork, contact information, or payment methods require lab staff to set the samples aside so customer support can gather the missing pieces.

Each and every sample, regardless of sample type or the lab it’s being submitted to, must be submitted with a sample submission form. The only exception to this would be samples submitted to the Dairy One Forage Lab using the mobile forage app. All of our sample submission forms can be found online. Sample submission forms are also available at each of our sample drop boxes in Ithaca. Not sure which submission form to use? Our customer support teams are always happy to help you navigate the proper submission form if you’re unsure. Emails and phone numbers for each of our labs and support lines can be found here.

Be sure that your sample submission form is complete before you submit your samples. Here are a few things you can double-check when submitting samples to help us get you your results as quickly as possible.

1. Contact information

Before submitting your sample, ensure all of the proper contact information has been included on the submission form. This includes:

  • Name
  • Address (forage and soil results are delivered by email unless otherwise marked on the submission form)
  • Email address (include multiple addresses if you would like results sent to multiple people)
  • Phone number
  • Account number or herd code (this can be used as a payment method to charge your account. If you do not have an account number, contact our support team to set up an account.)

Contact information makes it easier for us to contact you if we have questions about your sample. It is also how we determine where to send results and how to process payment.

2. Packages or services requested

A key piece of information we need to process your samples is what type of analysis or analyses you are requesting! Samples that arrive without requested services must be held until our team can contact the customer, slowing down the entire process.

Most analytical services are listed right on the submission form. A full list of our forage service packages and soil packages can also be found online. If you’re not sure which package to select, or you don’t see one that fits your needs, our lab and support staff are a great resource.

Forage Customer Support
[email protected]

Soils Lab Customer Support
[email protected]

3. Payment information

If you do not have a Dairy One account or herd code, you must include a payment method with your samples. You can choose to pay by check or credit card. If you’re not comfortable listing your credit card information, you can simply write “please call for payment” on the credit card line and someone from our support team will call to take your payment over the phone.

Please be sure to include additional shipping fees in your payment if you used a Dairy One mailer or flat rate UPS label to ship your samples to the lab. If no payment information, or insufficient payment information, is listed, results will be held until payment is received.

Taking a few extra minutes to be sure your samples are being submitted with all of the needed information helps us get you your results faster. Once these steps are completed, your samples are ready to be submitted! Not sure of the best way to get your samples to the lab? Check out these tips!