Getting the Dirt on ACS

Agricultural Consulting Services, or ACS, is the crop consulting organization at Dairy One. ACS offices can also be found in Henrietta, NY. While they may not appear to fall directly under the Dairy One umbrella at first glance, ACS is a crucial piece of the Dairy One puzzle. Everything on the farm starts from the ground up. Before we can test the milk our cows are producing, set-up the technology to help manage them, or even test the feed and forage they are eating, we need to be cultivating healthy crops and soil.

The ACS team works with farms in New York, Vermont, and Pennsylvania throughout the year, providing services to ensure maximum yields, compliance with environmental regulations, efficient use of inputs, and sustainable growth.This team is made up of highly committed field technicians, Certified Crop Consultants, and Environmental Planners, many of whom are certified in multiple states. Their areas of expertise and interest cover the agronomy and planning spectrum, making them an incredible resource to their clients.

ACS Field Technicians can often be seen in pickup trucks with their ATVs on the back. They spend the majority of their time collecting soil samples and scouting fields. Even in the cold, frozen winter conditions, these samples are being collected and sent to the Agro-One lab at Dairy One. Soil samples reveal important information about the nutrients found in the soil and soil quality. This information is then used by ACS Agronomy Consultants and Environmental Planners in the development of crop fertility and nutrient management plans.

ACS certified Crop Consultants, handling the crop side of the business, and Environmental Planners, specializing in the regulatory side of the business, rely on the information provided by the field technicians to create management plans for their farms. A large portion of these plans consist of Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP). The CNMP is a necessary document for all of New York’s Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and Vermont’s Large and Medium Farm Operations (LFO and MFO). These documents contain detailed plans that are specific to each farm and operation. While the requirements for these plans differ from state to state, the general contents include field and farmstead maps, emergency plans, record keeping logs, and soil and manure analyses. Also included are recommendations for the management of water quality, crop rotation, fertility, pests, and nutrients. Although a required document for all CAFO, LFO, and MFO operations, the CNMP provides farms with a plan that will help them to manage pests, optimize nutrient use, and build yields, resulting in a stronger business. These plans are tailored to each business, making it a requirement that can actually bring value to the business.

So what sets ACS apart from other consulting options in the field? ACS consultants are what we call independent crop advisors, which means they are not associated with any particular agricultural product. There is no bias towards any one product or company in the advice that ACS provides. The ACS team is also made up of a diverse group of individuals, providing a variety of expertise and resources to their clients. Their passion for customer service and farmer success is clear to all those who work with them.

The goal of ACS is to help farmers produce the best crops in the most environmentally responsible manner. By gathering data and information, ACS can help farmers better manage their land and crops. ACS provides the necessary resources for farmers to make decisions that result in healthy crops and soil, which is the foundation of so much of what we do at Dairy One.

If you are currently an ACS customer, we encourage you to take the ACS Customer Satisfaction Survey at the following link in order to help us improve our services: