How Dairy One Supports Dairies During National Dairy Month (and Beyond)!

June is National Dairy Month, and with dairy literally in our business’s name, you can bet we’ve got things to celebrate. As we hit the halfway point in the year, Dairy One is also marking 75 years of business, which makes this dairy month even more special! As we reflect on our past and look towards the future, our goal remains the same – to provide the best service possible to our customers.

We thought now would be a good time to outline some of the services we offer to dairies around the Northeast U.S., and beyond! Read on for how we help dairy farmers be successful every day of the year.

Collect and Analyze Milk Samples

Our DHI Records Service team visits many dairy farms located in the Northeast U.S. from Maine to Ohio, Connecticut to the northern parts of Virginia, they can see many herd sizes ranging from one cow to 5,000. During a test day visit, a DHI Field Technician will collect a milk weight and sample from every milking cow during milking time. They will work with dairy farmers to update herd records, such as if a cow was sold or gave birth to a calf.

Once the Milk Technician has collected the milk sample it is transported to the Milk Laboratory in Ithaca, NY. At the Milk Lab, the sample is analyzed for component levels such as butterfat, protein, and somatic cell count. This information is then sent back to the dairy farm to help them with herd management decisions. There are many different parts to the Milk Lab, there is also a Regulatory Lab that is in charge of testing bulk tank samples, which every farm has to collect and send a sample in for every milk delivery. In addition, the Bacteria Lab can test finished dairy products like whipped cream and yogurt. All of these services help dairy farms with making sure they’re making the best milk possible.

Assist with Cow Care

Cows are super athletes, and it takes a lot to keep them healthy and produce milk. One of the big parts of that is the feed that they eat every day. The Dairy One Forage Laboratory works with dairy farms located across the United States. They test feed samples of everything a cow might possibly eat – corn silage, corn meal, soybean meal, hay, grass, or even chocolate! The reports generated with the nutrients available in the feed goes back to farms where herd managers and nutritionists use it to build a ration for the cows. Just like humans, cows need a special diet to keep them going and make milk.

The Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory at Dairy One is another spot that helps with cow care. Using a milk or blood sample, this lab can tell a farmer if a cow is pregnant. They can also test for diseases like Johne’s or Bovine Viral Diarrhea. A final test they offer is screening for the presence of Mycoplasma bovis, a type of untreatable mastitis. All of these testing services help dairies find cows that might need some extra care and attention.

Keep an Eye on Cows

There are many moving parts of a dairy farm. To track cows and watch them from afar, cameras are a tool that dairy people use to keep an eye on things. Cameras mounted in key areas such as sick pens, birthing areas, and the milking parlor will allow them to see things that may be going topsy-turvy. For instance, cows may be born late at night when farmers are not close to the barn, however, with a camera, they would be able to check in on things from their house.

The Integrated Farming Solutions team at Dairy One also offers herd management software to dairies. These platforms help digitize all cow records and show all the history and information for every single cow. Having information like this available on a tablet or phone makes running a dairy much smoother for farmers. It’s also a way to ensure that cows are receiving the care that they need each day.

National Dairy Month is a time to recognize dairy cows and farmers for all the work they do year-round. At Dairy One we are proud to support diaries and bovines with our many services. If you would like to contact us, please email [email protected].