How to fix connectivity issues

VAS PULSE Platform brings data from all facets of your business to one central platform, making it a valuable tool for any dairy. However, where there is technology, there is the possibility things can and will go wrong. Luckily, there are easy fixes for some of the more common issues you may come across. One minor issue that can cause a large hold-up is integration status.

Integration status: error message

Your integration status is the first thing you see as you enter the Platform browser or the app. Your DairyComp must be open and connected to the internet for VAS Platform to talk to the cloud-based system, which then talks to your phone and dashboard. Occasionally, if something is wrong, you will see an error in the integration status on your app or browser. On the Dashboard you will see a blinking red integration symbol with two arrows on the top of your page. If you open the app you will automatically receive a message stating there is an issue with your connectivity.

Under your integration status on the webpage there are two possible reasons for the issue in connectivity. Here are a few quick and relatively easy fixes you can check for before calling in!

Last Beat

The Last Beat lets you know if your platform is healthy, and up to date. If the issue is with your Last Beat, make sure your internet is working and DairyComp is open before refreshing. This issue is more common with dairies with spotty internet service or after a big storm. Chances are, if you are using other technologies on your farm, you will already be aware of an internet issue and be able to get it resolved quickly!

Data Valid

The Data Valid lets you know when your platform was last updated. If data has not been entered in 24 hours, it will trigger an alarm because the Platform is designed to expect data every 24 hours. Simply enter an event or data into your DairyComp and you will be good to go. This is an issue we see with some of our smaller dairies or farms who do not enter data into DairyComp daily.

The data on the mobile app will not be accurate until the connection has been restored or data entered in DairyComp. However, if you still need to look up an animal while out in the barn, it will be as current as the Last Beat.

As technology becomes a larger part of our lives on and off the farm, it is increasingly important to be able to troubleshoot smaller issues. This saves you time spent on the phone in the office that could be spent in the barns. We hope you never have issues with technology, but the fact is things rarely work 100% of the time. Having the tools to troubleshoot issues yourself helps you stay a step ahead and keeps you on track. Our support team is always available for things you need a little extra help with at [email protected] or 607-375-9963.