It Takes a Village – VAS PULSE Platform and my dairy

There are many moving parts when it comes to operating a successful dairy farm. Your team members, consultants, and other service providers all play important, yet different roles. As some may say, it takes a village. Platform has many uses and different features to take advantage of on your farm. In order to do so, you want to make sure you have the right people accessing the right information.

Adding your team

Each person is linked to Platform through an email address. They must either be invited or create an account and request access to your dairy’s Platform. Before you begin adding new users, there are a few settings you first want to confirm.

In the owner role, you have the availability to assign roles on your farm for team members. Define what role the individual plays on your farm and ensure the role agrees with what they will need to do and access daily. Each role has a unique set of permissions. There are roles specific for each area of the farm, and all are customizable to your liking. Available permissions include:        

Permissions to look for

A few of the main permissions farms usually look at first are herd read, herd write, dashboard management, and user management.

Herd read gives the individual access to look up cows on their phone whereas those with the herd write permission can enter events on the app to go back to DairyComp.

Dashboard management allows an individual to customize the dashboard and/or add a new board. Note that the dashboard(s) you see as an owner would be the same as others will see. The dashboard can show trends in your farm’s reproduction, event tables, calvings, and inventory in graphic formation. There is also a dashboard view permission which could limit someone from seeing the dashboard(s) you create.

Lastly, the user management permission gives access to invite or remove people from being connected to your Platform. This permission is automatically assigned to someone in the owner role. All permissions can be altered to reflect the roles on your farm.

Inviting your team

After you decide on a role for an individual, it is time to add them. Go to Dairy > User Management > Add new user. This will bring you to a page to type in the individual’s email and enter their role. Once you are set, click “invite”. The individual will receive an invitation email from VAS Pulse Platform (be sure to check spam folders). They will need to sign up, and then will have access to the farm!

If there are adjustments you need to make to an individual’s permissions after they are invited, you can go to the user management tab and change them anytime. It is also under user management that you can uninvite and take individual access away as needed.

Other roles to think about

Each farm is different. Some users to invite are consultants, nutritionists, veterinarians, and breeders. For a feed consultant or nutritionist, consider adding the herd read permission. This will give the ability to look up certain cows. Another role that some farms tend to create is a reader role for individuals to be able to look information up while in the barn without having to go back to the DairyComp computer.

Multiple Individuals using a Farm Designated Device

Consider having the farm purchase tablets or used phones for employees to use the Platform app on Some dairies prefer a farm device instead of their team using personal devices and running the risk of damaging or losing them out in the barn. Although each person is given specific permissions and signs up to Platform through an individual email, you can have multiple accounts set up on the same device.

The first time you log in on any  device you will need the individual’s username and password. The app will then ask you to set up a four-digit pin specific to that device. Each time the individual goes to use the tablet or phone, they will click on their name and simply enter the pin they created. This allows for multiple people to use the same device with their designated permissions set up by the owner or management.

The technology used within the dairy industry is continuing to improve and evolve. It takes a village of committed individuals to help run a successful dairy farm. Platform can be a tool you and your team use to help consolidate and evaluate a few of those technologies to make real time decisions. If you need additional assistance, contact our support team at [email protected] or call 607-375-9963. To get updates like this from our software team sent directly to your email, sign up for our mailing list here.