Ithaca Sample Drop Off

In addition to the truck stops we have located across the Northeast, customers may also choose to drop their samples off at our 730 Warren Rd. facility in Ithaca, NY.


The drop-off location at 730 Warren Rd., is located on the first loading dock to your right when you pull into the parking lot.


The sample drop box is checked Monday – Friday at 6 am, 8 am, 10 am, and 2:30 pm.


The following samples can be left in the sample drop area:

  • Forage samples
  • Equi-Analytical samples
  • Soil samples
  • Plant tissue samples
  • Manure samples
  • Water samples
  • Milk or blood pregnancy samples

Due to NYS requirements, producer payment samples cannot be left in the drop-off area. Please contact our regulatory lab located at 720 Warren Rd, or 607-252-2048 to make other arrangements for these samples.

Be sure all samples are clearly labeled and accompanied by a completed sample submission form. Sample submission forms can be found online and are also located in the drop-off area.

Questions about submission forms and sample preparation should be directed to the appropriate lab. Contact information for all departments can be found here.