Our Management Team

George CudocGeorge Cudoc started with Dairy One in 1998 as a Records Specialist and DHIA Consultant. He also worked in DMR support, and now serves as the Director of Field and DHIA Service. In his current position, George provides leadership for Dairy One DHIA field operations, the records support group, and the sales and marketing staff. He works with partners on the development of future dairy technologies and processes.Some noteworthy projects George has worked on include reorganizing the Dairy One market system into the current 6-market configuration, establishing a Dairy One field service marketing program, and developing the Dairy One Animal Health Diagnostic Services.  George holds an Animal Science degree from PSU, and often serves as a speaker about MUN and other DHIA tools used to manage dairies in the USA, Canada, and Eastern Europe.

John GlossJohn Gloss started his career at Dairy One as a Field Technician and then moved into the position of Market Manager in the New Jersey area a short time later. He then transitioned into software support for Dairy Comp 305, eventually moving into a leadership role.

John currently has two roles: he oversees the Agricultural Management Resources (AMR) team and serves as the Director of IT. In the AMR management position, John oversees a team of employees who are focused on providing software and hardware/technology support for farms. He also often travels to farms to design custom information systems. As the Director of IT, John works with the Dairy One Developers to ensure that Dairy One continues to keep our internal systems moving forward.

Mark JoyceMark Joyce has been the Agro-One Soils Lab Manager since 2005, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the lab. Mark was responsible for the setup of the lab, including obtaining all equipment and supplies, setting up testing methodologies, and the development and implementation of QA/QC protocols. He also worked with Cornell University to set up a testing partnership for soil and plant analytical services when Cornell transitioned from a testing laboratory to a research facility.

In addition to his time at Dairy One, Mark also has more than 20 years of supervisory experience in soil and plant testing, along with an educational background in soil science, soil fertility management, and environmental management.

Steve KiltsSteve Kilts started at Dairy One in 1979 as a Milk Laboratory Technician. Since that time, he has also worked as Milk Laboratory Technical Support, Quality Assurance Coordinator and spent many years as Quality Assurance Manager. The QA team is responsible for all chemical testing at Dairy One and makes sure that the milk laboratory complies with all state, federal and national regulations.

Steve currently serves as the DHIA Milk Laboratory Manager, overseeing several technicians and the analysis of more than 500,000 samples per month from about 4000 DHIA member farms. Other projects Steve has been involved in over the years include the establishment of the ELISA testing laboratory and the Finger Lakes Wine Laboratory at Dairy One. As a hobby, Steve enjoys growing grapes and making wine.

Stephanie MulinosStephanie Mulinos brings 16 years of experience in Administrative Operations, with emphasis in human resources, payroll and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining Dairy One, Stephanie spent 2.5 years as the Office Manager for Cornell’s 800 cow research dairy in Dryden, New York where she managed all of the administrative operations and occasionally milked the cows. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Ithaca College and an MBA and graduate certificate in Human Resources from Empire State College. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, gardening and volunteering.

Michael ReuterMichael Reuter is the Director of Analytical Services, Forage and Soils. In this role Mike supervises Forage and Soils operations and is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of these laboratories.
Mike attended Cornell University and graduated in May of 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy. Shortly after graduation he began his Dairy One career as an entry level Forage Lab Technician and in 1990 assumed the position of Laboratory Chemist and Safety Director. His responsibilities during the next 27 years included quality assurance, analytics, methods development, and oversight of the cooperative’s safety program.

Janice RootJanice Root has been in the milk business most of her life. The daughter of a milk hauler, Janice began working as a lab technician not long after she graduated High School in 1982. She began her career at a local milk laboratory in Waverly, Pennsylvania then known as Eastern Milk Producers. In 1994, Eastern Milk Producers became Milk Marketing, Inc (MMI), and then, in 1998 merged to become one of the earliest members of Dairy Farmers of America. Shortly after this acquisition, the lab then became known as Eastern Lab Services, and operated as such until becoming part of the centralized Dairy One laboratory system in July 2016.

Janice had been managing the ELS laboratory staff of 8-10 people since 2006 and has continued her role as manager of the Bacteria portion of the Dairy One lab today. While the number of staff remains about the same, increased lab efficiency and higher capacity equipment have allowed the number of samples to reach upwards of 100,000 per month.

Michelle SadlerMichelle Sadler came to Dairy One in 2009 with a Bachelors in Food Science and a concentrated study in Cool Climate Enology and Viticulture from Cornell University. After completing an internship with Dairy One that involved growing the Finger Lakes Wine Lab division of the company, she expanded her role to include work in the Check Mark wet chemistry dairy lab under Steve Kilts. Later, Michelle served as QA Coordinator and was integral in adopting the ELISA testing technology essential for the launch of the Animal Health Diagnostic Lab. Currently she oversees all three departments; The Finger Lakes Wine Lab, the Animal Health Diagnostic Lab and the Check Mark Laboratory under the Quality Assurance Lab umbrella as the Quality Assurance Manager.

Scott SherwoodScott Sherwood began his Dairy One career in 1998 as a Forage Laboratory Technician before transitioning to the supply department, where he currently serves as the IT Infrastructure and Facility Manager. Scott manages staff and is responsible for all Dairy One computers, printers, servers, network, and security. He is also maintains the facility at Ithaca, New York, which includes cleaning, maintenance, and utilities for the building.

In addition, Scott is responsible for all of the equipment used by Field Technicians, from computers to milk meters, as well as all of the office supplies and furniture used in the Ithaca location.

John TauzelJohn Tauzel joined the Dairy One team in 2014 as Director of Business Development. His responsibilities include leadership of Dairy One’s milk lab and producer payment laboratories. With over one half million samples of milk being analyzed every month, the Dairy One Milk Lab is one of the largest of its kind in North America. John is passionate about helping farmers. He believes that Dairy One’s mission of providing management data and information to farms is of key importance to farm success.

John grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Schenevus, NY and remembers hanging cow signs to get ready for DHI testing. He has remained involved with the farm as it transitioned to a more diverse product base and continues to manage the farm’s commercial raspberry enterprise. Prior to joining Dairy One, John worked as a lobbyist for the New York Farm Bureau and for a life science start-up focused on livestock health diagnostics. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University.

Dani ThonDani Thon began her career with Dairy One in 1990 with a primary focus on helping the Agriservice community use DHI records more effectively. Her role quickly changed when Dairy One began to offer Dairy Comp 305 herd management software. Dani focused on the sales, support and training of Dairy Comp 305 and related products, travelling throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions for installation visits on dairies and to conduct training programs. For many years, her efforts were concentrated on working with consultants and the consultant version of Dairy Comp (DCCON Analyzer).

During this time, Dani also managed many of the business, marketing and communication functions for the AMR group, as well as the overall Dairy One organization. Currently, Dani and her team maintain these marketing and communication responsibilities across Dairy One’s eight business units. In addition, Dani is responsible for overseeing the Dairy One transportation system and working across business units to help improve overall organizational efficiency. Dani holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University.

Jack van AlmeloJack van Almelo started his Dairy One career in 1982 as the DHI Service Management and Sales Development is now serving as ACS Manager. In his current position, Jack is responsible for the management and operations of ACS. The favorite part of his job is getting to help create and deliver services that help people farm more intelligently, smarter, better. This can include software that helps farms complete jobs more quickly and consistently, recommendations that help them grow better crops, or support that allows them to feel confident they are farming within the bounds of regulations.

Jack feels that Dairy One is the perfect size organization: It is big enough that it has the resources to have a significant impact in agriculture, and small enough that there is no doubt that each individual makes an important difference. He also appreciates that it is a company that values and acknowledges personal integrity.

Bev WhittierBev Whittier serves as Dairy One’s Finance Administrator. She began her career with Dairy One in 1994 as an Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Assistant, and 5 years later, was promoted to her current position.

Bev provides financial information to the General Manager and department managers. She oversees and supports the daily operations of the accounting group, which includes invoicing, accepting payments, and customer service. Bev also oversees and supports Human Resources and payroll.

Jamie ZimmermanJamie Zimmerman, General Manager of Dairy One since 1997, is responsible for the overall strategy development, implementation, and operational success of Dairy One. He grew up on a dairy farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Before moving to the service side of the industry, Jamie was an active dairy producer. Jamie enjoys working with the farm leaders and employees to carry out Dairy One’s mission.

During Jamie’s tenure Dairy One has grown its scope of business to serve the increasing production information and technology needs of farmers.  Part of this growth has included a number of mergers and acquisitions with and of other organizations.  Dairy One has grown to be more of a national and international business from a regional business. Jamie holds a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Syracuse University.  He was also a member of LEAD NY Class II.