New to Dairy One

My name is Molly Gildea and I am the new Assistant Manager of Marketing and Communications at Dairy One. I grew up in Southern New Hampshire and developed the horse crazy bug at a young age. I began riding at the age of 9 and spent every moment from that point on finding any excuse to be in the barn. I graduated from Cazenovia College in 2016 with a Bachelors in Management with a focus in Equine Business. During my time at Cazenovia I was an active member of the Dressage and Hunter Seat Intercollegiate Riding Teams as well as a participant in the Equine Reproductive Management program.

So how did this “horse girl” end up working at company with a name like “Dairy One”? In addition to my various equine undergraduate activities, I also spent a lot of my time at Cazenovia working with organizations such as New York Farm Bureau, Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance, and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County. During my interactions with these organizations I struck a match that set fire to my passion for the agriculture industry. I knew that my career path would involve interacting with the people who help put food on our tables, and if I was lucky it would allow me to serve them in return. Prior to arriving at Dairy One, I completed an internship with Northeast AgriSolutions Force, a dairy feed additive and livestock supply company. I also spent some time working for Cargill, Inc. as a livestock feed consultant.

For those who may not be familiar with Dairy One, our goal is to measure a variety of components on the farm to provide farmers with data and information to make informed management decisions. While Dairy One is most known for our Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) and milk testing services, there are also many other ways we provide value to our customers. If you don’t know us for our DHI services, you may know us for one of our many lab services such as Forage Testing, Agro-One and Agronomy Services, Animal Health Diagnostics, Equi-Analytical, Finger Lakes Wine Testing, and more recently our Zooquarius service for zoos and aquariums. Our Agricultural Management Resource group offers herd and crop management software, camera systems, and network solutions. We also have Agricultural Consulting Services (ACS) providing crop consulting, environmental planning, soil sampling and mapping, crop record keeping, and precision agriculture services from independent consultants.

This blog is a place where we hope to provide resources, answer questions, and share information about what we do at Dairy One. While many of these posts will be written by myself, you can also expect to hear from other experts in our business on topics from a variety of fields. We encourage you to leave your questions and comments as well as feedback on topics you would like to see in the future!

Whether you are milking cows, growing crops, raising livestock, or planting a garden in your backyard, we hope you will follow along as we continue to add to our library of agricultural information.