Paul Sirois, the Dairy One Forage and Agro-One lab manager, and I spent the last week at World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. There were over 2,300 dairy cows entered and shown on the red shavings this year and there was record attendance on each of the last 3 days of the show, with over 15,000 each day.

Who did we see and talk to?

With record crowds most days, who did we see in our booth?

2 – Dairy One Employees that made the trip this year

4 – Dairy One Farmer Members –  including Allison Bates. Allison is a Dairy One member from Springside Farm in New Vineyard, ME – she also brought us some great protein drinks from Organic Valley Farms each morning (Paul and Allison shown in the photo below, in our booth)

Allison and Paul

A Chinese Colleague – Paul and Angus Guo at our booth

Paul and Angus

We talked to current customers of our lab in Ithaca and of our Affiliate Lab Network from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, China, Japan, Canada, the United States, and I am sure I forgot a few.

There was lots of interest from the international visitors to World Dairy Expo for both forage and soil analysis. I visited with Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Chinese, and Puerto Rican producers and consultants that wanted more information about our soil testing services. As a result of this we will be looking into permits and extractions for international soil samples to be processed in Ithaca.

We also chatted with University of Wisconsin Faculty and Staff, colleagues from other labs, suppliers, equipment manufactures, and our DFA associates from around the country.

What did we see?


Swiss Show Holstein Show Sleeping swiss

Local Teams doing well.

Expo paper

And some innovative new equipment – Bunk defacer, loader, mixer

Defacer Mixer

We had a great time, met a ton of people and we are looking forward to and planning for World Dairy Expo 2015!

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