Tools for Providing the Best Care for Dairy Cows

In today’s larger dairies, there are numerous cows to track and care for on a daily basis. From a freshly born calf to a cow being bred for the third time, each one has a different need to be addressed. Even for smaller farms, tracking every cow and the work

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Using Technology for Feeding Time on a Dairy Farm

Feed is a large investment that farms make for their cows. It’s often a mixture of many different products from feed commodities to hay and grain. While many farms can grow and harvest their feed like alfalfa and grains, some must purchase all of it. But no matter what, farms

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Improving Hoof Care Protocols on Dairy Farms

Hoof care is one of the ongoing problems on a dairy farm. The care of a cow’s hooves is a long process that lasts pretty much her whole life. Although there have been advancements in hoof care, there are many ways that dairies approach this problem. With more resources and

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Winter Activity Report from Agricultural Consulting Services

Agricultural Consulting Services (ACS) has been having a busy winter season. Between normal CAFO planning and contract renewals, the team has also been accomplishing many projects and milestones. These projects highlight the team’s dedication to their customers and building on their knowledge. “Much like farmers in winter, our team spends

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3 Reasons Your Dairy Should Be Using Milk Pregnancy Testing

Milk pregnancy testing from Dairy One is an accurate, simple, and cost-effective way to determine the pregnancy status of a cow. It works by identifying pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in milk. It can be used to determine pregnancy status as soon as 28 days post-breeding and it is accurate throughout the

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Dairy One Celebrates 75 Years of Business

This year marks 75 years of business for Dairy One Cooperative, Inc. The big anniversary is worth mentioning for many different reasons. But a common theme throughout these years has been the dedication to serving our customers. They are the foundation of the cooperative and have the biggest impact on

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