Platform Mobile App – Sending Items to your Phone

The VAS Platform App is a great tool to use while in the barn for quick cow side decisions. Depending on the access granted, individuals can look up animals, complete worklists, record pen changes, breedings, and more. When you look up an animal you will see PEN, LACT, RPRO, AGEDY, DSLH, DCC, DUE, Milk and Meat Withholds, as well as EVENTS. However, with the way Platform is set up, you won’t automatically be able to see the individual animal items on your phone. There is one small but crucial step to complete so you and your team will be able to see all items for all animals.

To send the items from Dairy Comp to your Platform App:

  1. Log onto the webpage through your browser
  2. Type in or select any cow or heifer
  3. Go to the animal’s page
  4. Click on the Items section
  5. Go to the three horizontal dots to select “Edit Card”
  6. Select the box that says “Show in Mobile App” underneath the Add Items section
  7. Save your changes and you are all set!

You only have to complete this once, and when you do it for any cow, it will apply to every cow. 

When editing an animal’s item card, you can change the name of a card and add, remove, or move items to customize the items that will appear in the app. Some dairies prefer to have a calf or heifer item box and cow item boxes. This way when out in the barn you can choose what items specifically to look at instead of sifting through unnecessary data.

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