Postal Service Delays Impact DHI Reports

Postal service mail delays are becoming increasingly common. In fact, the USPS is currently experiencing unprecedented nationwide slow downs. These delays are affecting all mailed reports, particularly those from processing centers.

If you are experiencing a delay in receiving your DHI reports, there are other options for receiving test day data:

Web Reports
If your records are processing through DRMS Raleigh, you can have immediate access to test day results online by signing up for web reports. Visit the DRMS website for more information.

SCC Hot Sheets
Receive a summary of SCC information in your email as soon as samples are processed. Hot Sheets include animal ID, sample number, and SCC results sorted from high to low.

Bulk Tank Contribution Reports
Receive a bulk tank summary in your email as soon as samples are processed. Summary includes bulk tank component information as well as individual SCC contribution to bulk tank and affect on income.

To take advantage of these options, please reach out to your DHI technician or contact our records support team at [email protected] or call 607-252-7575.