Prepping for Spring: Services Dairy One Offers to Agriculture and Other Industries

The topsy-turvy winter season is almost over here in the Northeast US. As various industries get ready for the busy spring season, Dairy One is also preparing for the spring weather. Many services become very busy as the winter snow disappears!

Check Soil Nutrient Levels

From crop farmers to greenhouses, spring is a time of planting. Soil that has been resting over the winter is now introduced with new plant life. To ensure a good yield, a soil test will provide growers with information on what nutrients may need to be added to the soil during planting season.

The Soil Laboratory at Dairy One has many analysis packages available to determine what is present in the soil. The lab works with farms, universities, and other industries throughout the year to conduct testing on soil. Knowing this information before planting season will save money on fertilizer and in the long run, the success of the growing season.

For customers located in New York State and Vermont, soil samples can be collected by Agricultural Consulting Services. ACS Field Technicians work on many farms gathering samples from numerous fields. Additionally, Dairy One’s Transportation Network in the Northeast allows customers to drop off samples at local transit stops to be taken to Dairy One’s labs, saving them time and money.

Secure Key Areas of Grounds

As the winter weather goes away, people start to travel again, and that can lead to possible problems. Theft is a possibility for many farm shops and other key agricultural locations. Security cameras are one way to discourage theft and also capture thieves in the act. Dairy One’s Integrated Farming Solutions can install cameras near farm shops and other locations to provide extra protection during the warmer months.

The birthing season also happens during the spring, so cameras are an invisible employee to keep watch over animals. Cows, horses, sheep, goats, and other animals can be monitored remotely via cameras. Also, if an operation is implementing new care procedures cameras are a way to make sure they’re being executed correctly.

Finally, cameras are just a good tool to have located across an operation. Crop farmers can watch machine shops and refueling areas, greenhouses can check when shipments were dropped off, and horse barns can monitor who is coming on and off their property. Cameras are an extra security blanket for operations, and helpful in capturing recordings of incidents or other events.

Scout Fields and Map Them

As plants spring from the soil, it’s helpful to walk through fields to check on growth. Agricultural Consulting Services (ACS) can do this task and check for the presence of pests or overall plant health. Regular scouting throughout the spring and summer is a task that many universities do to track the success of individual crops or seed types. ACS also does this job for farms to help them have a great yield in the fall.

Another job that ACS performs during the warmer months is field mapping. Each field is unique, just like a person, and has many different features from a hedgerow to a stream passing through it. Accurate field maps help with planting plans, directing employees to the correct location, and performing field maintenance such as water and sediment control basins or tree removal.

Collect and Test Pasture Samples

While some owners have had their pastures open during the winter, that might not be the case for everyone. As repairs to fences begin, now is a good time to also collect a pasture sample for testing. For horse owners, this analysis can indicate what nutrients might need to be supplemented in a diet. It’s recommended to test a horse’s pasture at least once a year to understand what’s being ingested.

Springtime is a busy time, and Dairy One is here to help with some of the chores. From mapping fields to securing grounds, the services mentioned in this blog post are only the tip of what’s available to customers. For more information, visit our Home Page.