Sample Transportation

Each of our Dairy One “truck stops” or “pickup points” are indicated on the map below. Our DHIA Field Technicians, producer payment customers and others rely on a system of regular truck routes that are driven almost non-stop throughout the Northeast. Each truck driver has a regular route and stops at each pickup point about 3 times per week to retrieve samples from the refrigerator.  The samples are then trucked to our milk lab in Ithaca, New York.

In many areas, the truck stops are also used for transporting other items like forage or soil samples back to the laboratory. We welcome and encourage using this reliable system of transportation for our laboratory customers.

Please follow these guidelines when using the truck stops:

  1. Contact the truck stop representative ahead of time, and let them know that you will be dropping off or picking up items at the stop. Their phone number is indicated on each map location below.
  2. Clearly label any items for pick up so the driver knows he needs to retrieve it.
  3. Indicate on the label where it needs to go when it arrives. For example, “Please Deliver to Forage Lab, Ithaca, NY”

If you have questions about our sample transportation system or notice a problem with any of the sites on this map, please contact Dani Thon at 607-252-2086 or email .

Click here for a transportation map with truck stops!