Animal Identification and Related Supplies

Cow Identification Pays

How many times have you seen a cow in heat but you were not quite sure who she was?

Mis-identifying, or not identifying animals clearly is one of the costliest mistakes a dairy can make. It is the foundation of your breeding program, your treatment program and the basis for any good records program. Fortunately, good identification of the herd is not a difficult management practice to implement and maintain.

Dairy One is your source for cow identification tags. Single or double tagging each animal for life, preferably with a tag that coincides with the last 3 or 4 digits of the USDA tag, is a system that has proven reliable for many dairies. For example, a heifer is born, she is given an ear tag of 21WXY0500 and tagged #500. This is her number for life. It is a system that is simple, clean and it works.

There are plenty of reasons to miss catching heats – let’s eliminate one of them.

Drop shipped to your dairy

Fearing and Z-tags can be drop-shipped to your dairy. Just ask your Dairy Records Service Specialist to place an order for you, or order through the Dairy One Supply Department at  [email protected] or 607-252-7540. Please provide your account number (herd code), name, phone number and shipping address when ordering.

RFID Matched Set Tags can also be drop-shipped to your dairy. To order, email [email protected] or call 607-375-9963.

RFID Matched Tag Sets


  • Direct quick shipment of custom tags to the farm
  • Non premise ID tags (982) in stock with next day shipment


  • Reorder through email or phone
  • Experienced team will help you decide on the right option for your farm


  • RFID numbers automatically import into Dairy Comp 305 increasing accuracy and eliminating data entry


  • Competitive pricing for in stock and customized styles


  • Available in XL, L, or M female, L male, and male stud
  • Yellow tags with numbers 1-500 in stock for quick shipping
  • Pre-numbered tags available in bags for 25

Fearing Yellow Tags in Stock at Dairy One
The most popular ear tags for dairy identification are Fearing’s large and extra large yellow tags, blank and prenumbered. Dairy One maintains a stock of yellow tags with numbers 1-500 for quick shipping. These pre-numbered tags are available in bags of 25. To place an order, e-mail: [email protected] , or call 607-252-7540. Please provide your account number (herd code), name, phone number and shipping address when ordering. You can also place an order, or browse price and options in our online store.


Available in cow or calf sizes