Goat Services

Dairy One provides a range of milk testing services for goat herds of all sizes.  This includes owner sampler options, including goat circles, as well as providing DHI technician services for herd milk testing. If a goat herd tests with a DHI technician, regular Dairy One service charges apply.

Pregnancy testing is also available for goats through the Dairy One Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory.

Owner Sampled Goat Herd Fees

Single Owner Sampler Herd:
$30 base fee 1-10 goats
$35 base fee 11-20 goats
$1 for each additional goat over 20

Includes component sample analysis (fat, protein, and somatic cell count), computer services, all reports, processing, postage, and handling

A bookkeeping charge of $10 will be added if payment for the test is not sent in with the samples for each test.

Startup Charge (one time only, new accounts)
$35 + shipping for 1-10 goats
$45 + shipping for 11 or more goats

Includes one shipper, two ice packs, a sample dipper, sample bottles, and preservative.

Shipping Charge*
(Per test)
The return of shippers and supplies to the dairy is $15 for 1-10 goats and $18 for more than 11 goats. The customer will be responsible for shipping charges incurred for getting the samples to Dairy One, estimated to be $12-14.  Dairy One encourages multiple herds per shipper to reduce the cost of shipping.

No UPS charges will be incurred for those herds shipping to and from established Dairy One “pickup points”, found on the Sample Transportation page.

* Dairy One reserves the right to adjust the UPS charge for return shipping.

Dairy One currently tests a number of goat circles throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region. In addition to a testing program, we also offer an annual certification program and annual scale certification. Please contact us for more information.

Certification Program Resources
Dairy Goat Technician Manual
Dairy Goat Technician Certification Exam

Completed exams can be sent to [email protected] or mailed to:

Dairy One Attn: Goat Exams
730 Warren Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850

Annual Technician Certification Charge
ADGA required
$20 includes Technician manual, test, and certification.

Annual Scale Certification
ADGA required
$12 plus shipping.  Available through Dairy One.

Specific questions regarding goat testing can be sent to [email protected].