General Policies

Representative sampling: An analysis is only as good as the sample submitted. Every effort should be made to ensure a good representative sample is taken.

Payment: An account number is required on all sample submission forms. If you need to open a new account or inquire your account number, please contact the Accounting Department at [email protected] or 607-252-7580. To make a payment on your account, please visit our online payment portal here.

Results: All results pass through an “edit system” before release. The edit system contains expected ranges for most feed types. If any component falls outside of the typical range, the results are flagged, evaluated and subject to retesting. A comment will appear on the printed report stating the nature of any retest. Depending upon the component being retested, 1 to 7 days may be added to turn around time.

Confidentiality: Dairy One holds your data in confidence.  Results will only be released to parties named on the original sample information sheet, submission documentation or through the phone app.  Any other parties requesting results must obtain and submit written, dated and signed permission from the party that originally paid for the analysis.  Submit requests to [email protected].  Dairy One periodically provides regional or temporal statistical summaries or pools of data to other governmental, academic or commercial entities.  All reasonable attempts are made to maintain the anonymity of the parties associated with the results.  Any release of party names is unintentional.

Calculated values: Energy (TDN, NEl, etc.), RFV, RFQ, kd, NFC are only calculated when all of the necessary components required by the calculation are analyzed and theoretically applicable to the sample type in question. Thus, although they may be listed as part of a package, they may not be reported if the above criteria are not met for individual samples. This applies to other calculated or other estimated values not listed above.

Re-test: If you are unsure of any result that you receive, you may call the lab at 607-375-9962 and request that the component in question be reanalyzed to confirm the original result. Retest requests made within 7 days of the “Date Printed” on the report will be performed free of charge.

Additional testing requests: Requests for additional tests to be performed on your sample should be made within 7 days of receipt of your original results. Additional tests are performed at list price. Samples are generally kept for 3 weeks after receipt by the lab. Review your results and make requests in a timely manner.

Samples lost or damages in transit: Dairy One is not responsible for samples lost or damaged in transit. If a sample is damaged, we will notify you and decide upon a course of action.

Inappropriate or missing package requests: Samples submitted without a specific package request or an inappropriate request will automatically be reassigned the appropriate Specialized Service as determined by our staff without notice and charged accordingly.

Specialized Services: Mineral/mineral mix, animal byproduct, and liquid packages were assembled to provide the most relevant analyses for these feed types.

  • If the analysis can be performed by NIR, it will be assigned the (325) Forage NIR or other applicable NIR service based on sample type.
  • If the analysis cannot be performed by NIR, it will be assigned the (11) Ration Balancer package.
  • These package assignments will be made at our discretion, without notice and charged accordingly.

Sample Handling Fee: Dairy One serves a wide variety of clientele from across the globe submitting a diverse array of samples. Often, samples of atypical size or composition require additional handling and processing to prepare the sample for analysis. This fee will be applied at our discretion and without notice to any samples requiring additional handling as determined by our staff.

Pricing: All prices are per sample (USD). Prices and services subject to change without notification.