Plant Tissue Analysis

Plant tissue analysis can be a valuable crop management tool. Alone, it can be used for making “in season” fertilizer recommendations for certain crops, such as tree fruits and grapes. For other crops, plant tissue analysis in combination with soil test information can be helpful when troubleshooting or diagnosing nutrient deficiencies and determining fertilizer requirements.


Service Package 180 – total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, copper, iron, boron, and manganese.

Service Package Crops Type of Report Price per Sample
180 Form P
Tree Fruit
Small Fruit
Cornell interpretation and nutrient guidelines provided $30
180 Form P
Field Crops
Results only at this time $30
Nitrate- N
All Results only $14

Taking a Sample

Submitting a Sample

Please include a completed copy of Plant Tissue Analysis Submission Form when submitting samples.

Interpretive nutrient levels for plant analysis are available for many agronomic and horticultural crops here. For interpretive nutrient levels for hops, click here.