Submitting a Sample

Please include a completed copy of the Forage Sample Submission Form when submitting samples.

Dairy One forage kits can be ordered through our online store. Kits include plastic sample bags, a sample submission form, and a pre-addressed postage-paid return envelope.

Flat Rate UPS Shipping Service

In order to accommodate time-sensitive shipping, the Dairy One Forage Lab offers a flat rate UPS shipping service. This is for any size package shipped within the continental United States. This method also allows us to provide you with tracking information, so you can see when your samples reach the lab.

Labels can be ordered through our online store, or select the label you would like when ordering your forage kit. There are three different service levels available:

  • UPS Ground – $11.00
  • UPS 2 Day Air – $38.00
  • UPS Next Day Air – $46.00

Depending on your location, UPS ground may be the same as 2 Day Air or Next Day Air service. Please reference the UPS map to find the transit time for UPS Ground for your area and find your nearest UPS drop-off location. If you need more labels or a different service level please call 607-252-7540, or email [email protected]

Dairy One Sample Transportation System

Our Transportation Dashboard is a great tool for finding a drop off location for the Dairy One Sample Transportation System. Locate the truck stop nearest you by going to the “Stops” tab from the Dashboard. For forage customers, available stops are marked in green (Other) or blue (DHI Stops). For all locations, first contact the truck representative to confirm you will be leaving a sample. All phone numbers and contacts are listed for the specific stops. Be sure to label all items for pick up and indicate the sample needs to go to the Ithaca Forage Lab. Drop the samples off and then you are all set! If you have any questions, contact our team at [email protected].

Phone App

A free sample submission phone app is available for your Android or iPhone. Using the phone app, the sample submission process is made faster by storing all of your customer information on the phone. The app stores and remembers: account number, customer name, email addresses, and customer feeds along with menus for identifying sample types and services. The app allows you to assign an individual bar code label to each sample which then becomes its “tracking number”. Once the bar coded data and sample information is entered, it is uploaded directly to the lab – and you are done! Ship the samples and the data is married to the sample upon arrival at the lab.

Please contact Customer Support at 607-375-9962 to receive your bar codes before using the phone app for sample submission.

Sample Drop-off

If you’re local to the Ithaca area, the fastest way to get your samples to the lab may be to drop them off yourself. We have sample drop-off areas at both our 720 and 730 Warren Rd locations. Samples are collected from these areas throughout the day.