Water Analysis

Water, the most essential nutrient required for life, is all too often the most overlooked nutrient. Considering that a cow producing 70 lbs. (32 kg) of milk will consume about 33 gallons (126 liters), off-quality water has the potential to restrict milk production.

As cows continue to produce at ever increasing levels, any incidental stress can have a negative impact on production. Water quality which may have little or no effect on low producing cows suddenly becomes magnified when water is consumed in quantities necessary for sustained high production.

To get a better handle on water quality, we offer two standard water analysis packages along with a range of options. Packages and services are described on the accompanying copy of the Water Sample Submission Form. The packages should be used as described below:

  • Suitability – Provides common water quality and nutrition physiochemical properties for most classes of livestock.
  • Complete – Provides same as suitability plus bacterial evaluation for coliform and E.coli.

Sterile water sample kits are available in our online shop. All water samples must be received by the lab within 24 hours of sampling. Send by express service (FedEx, UPS, etc.) or drop off at your nearest Dairy One pick-up point. Find the nearest drop-off point here. Be sure to include a completed submission form with payment information.