Farm IT

Outside of herd and feed management software, the Integrated Farming Solutions team also provides farms with various IT resources including:

  • Camera Systems
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • PC Green Computer Maintenance Services

Camera Systems

We believe that every farm is unique, and camera systems must be tailored to meet the needs of each farm. Because of this, we begin our camera systems process with a visit to your farm. We spend time with you to discuss your goals, document where each component will be located, and what each camera will view. We create a detailed plan customized for your farm ensuring the system will meet your needs now and well into the future.

Animal monitoring
This is the most common reason for installing cameras. In many cases, cameras are set up at different angles in fresh pens to monitor close-up animals. This can mean fewer wasted trips to the fresh cow barn and timely response when intervention is necessary. Other examples for animal monitoring include mounting them in sort pens, feed bunks, or the holding area.

Employee monitoring/staff safety
Setting up cameras in the parlor removes the variable of whether protocols are being followed, or not, and can pinpoint areas where steps can be modified or streamlined. It is also helpful to have video available when training new employees and to have a mechanism in place for monitoring visitors.

Some farms use cameras for increased security. Having a camera at the fuel pumps, milk house or other outbuildings not only acts as a deterrent, it also provides peace of mind.

Dairy One camera systems use standard computer networks to transmit video and allow for maximum flexibility.


  • Use existing computer network
  • Easy to view from any computer on the farm
  • Video can be viewed on phones, tablets, and in remote locations
  • Modular installation – additional cameras can be added at any time and in any number
  • Custom design and installation – systems are built to perform and last
  • Simple to use – camera footage is only a click or tap away
  • Reliable service – we spend time showing you how your system works, and are only a call or text away for service issues

Networking and Connectivity

As farm technology becomes more complex and integrated into the day-to-day business of your operation, it is crucial to have a secure, reliable network to transmit important information where you need it, and when you need it.

A farm computer with Dairy Comp is extremely useful, and it can be just the beginning of integrating your information access throughout your farm. Office and home computers can be connected to your network for easy access to information. For on-the-go look up and data entry when managing your herds, Pocket Cowcard allows you to access and enter data when you’re in the field, and then sync back to your main PC.

Having the right infrastructure improves farm efficiency, work flow, and communication. The Farm IT team has installed and supported farm network systems for over a decade throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region.

The group knows farming and they know how to use technology to help you improve your farm business.

PC Green Computer Maintenance Service

The barn is not a perfect environment for a PC, but this is where the people and the cows are. Regular cleaning and maintenance can increase the life of the PC and reduce the chance of a breakdown, loss of data, and hours of frustration.

With PC Green service, a trained technician visits the farm at regular intervals, usually about every 6 months, and performs a comprehensive cleaning and diagnostic routine. This regular service can alert the dairy of many possible problems before they begin. PC Green service is only available in the Northeast.

PC Green Service Includes

  • Clean PC and immediate working area
  • Free up hard disk space
  • Error checking
  • Life cycle discussion


  • Reduce the likelihood of data loss
  • Cut down time cause by equipment failure
  • Answer problems or questions you or your employees have and need to address

Herd Management Software Review:

  • Examine program for proper functioning and settings
  • Check backup routine for completeness
  • Test recent backup media for defects
  • Set up pen drive backup if needed

Diagnostic Services:

  • Review hard disk and communication system
  • Perform system check
  • Free up available memory
  • Check antivirus status (online only)

Cleaning Services:

  • Vacuum CPU, printer, and keyboard
  • Clean monitor and keyboard
  • Clean immediate PC working area
  • Free up hard disk space